Audio Flare Gun

@chino just finished the first episode. I really enjoyed it - it was a nice way to remember that lines is ultimately a community of musicians, even though my main interaction with them is reading text on a screen.

I would love to contribute to a future episode if you are still looking for songs. My SoundCloud is here:

If there’s anything there you’d like to include let me know and I can send over the original file.


@jdormit thank you! yesterday was crazy at work, I’m just now reading your post. I’ll listen to your tracks on my lunch break! thanks again!

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@jdormit I dig your work! Can you send links please? Thanks!

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Links sent to your email!


Hey gang, I didn’t intend to go this long between shows. One of the reasons Audio Flare Gun has been on a hiatus is because I’ve been finishing up a grant-funded project at my day job…

My co-workers and I made an interactive map for patients in the Urology clinic at the hospital I where I work. It has QR codes and an LED light triggered by a proximity sensor. Thankfully I am building up PTO, and I have just requested some time off specifically to record another show. Thanks to @WilliamHazard for your encouragement. ETA for the next Audio Flare Gun is mid June.


THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER! Episode 2 of Audio Flare Gun is coming soon to a set of headphones or a bluetooth speaker near you! While you’re waiting here is a sneak listen to what’s coming…

sample tracks courtesy of @jdormit @squim and @Reggie