Audio Industry for Rainforests Charity Auction

Every October for the past several years, Luftrum has organized a charity auction over at to benefit a particular charity. This year it’s WWF Denmark, with the proceeds reserved for rainforest protection in the Amazon and Indonesia… and this year the auction venue has moved to a less hectic, automated auction site:

So far are over 65 software and hardware developers have donated prizes and over $9000 in donations have been raised – and if past auctions are any indication, it’s going to get much higher before the end of the month. There’s some pretty great stuff to be had, including a pair of special edition nearfield monitors from ADAM, modules from Mutable Instruments, and Bitwig Studio licenses.

Also, any software/hardware developers are encouraged to donate auction prizes via the “Contact Organizer” button. :slight_smile:

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This is great. As a brazilian I can say this cause has a really deep meaning for me and I really appreciate their efforts.
I just got in touch with them to offer some copies of the Spektro Audio products.