Audio output issues with mlrv2 + interface

I’m on a macbook pro running high sierra (10.13.6) using mlrv2 in Max 8 and I’m not able to get sound coming out of anywhere but my computer speakers. I am trying to use my monitors hooked up to my scarlett 2i2 interface. i have selected core audio as my driver in mlrv2 and selected the output as scarlett 2i2 but i am still only getting sound out of my internal speakers.

any ideas?

try max 5 runtime, as mlrv was made with max 5

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i downloaded max 5 and max 5 runtime but i can’t seem to open mlrv with it, do you know why this is?

apologies, i haven’t tried using this software for something like 5 years.

try running code/mlrv2.maxpat directly. also the github release lists max 7 as possibly working, so you may want to try max 7 runtime.

no problem, thank you so much, max 7 seems to have solved it i am getting sound now.

i was really stunned to see that you were the one who responded! despite any technical difficulties i am absolutely loving my grid, just received it this last week. it has opened up my creativity a great deal in such a short period of time.

p.s. are there any newer/more updated softwares that run similarly for use with grid?

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quite a few recently! and (you can run m4l devices by drag + drop into Max). @andrew’s prosody is a fantastic suite of devices including a great spin on mlr:

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thank you so much ! i’ll definitely check these out

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