Audio Tech Help

Hey friends! I am doing an event where i need to run audio from a mixer to an iphone for a livestream. Would something like this do the trick or would I need another component? Thanks in advance and I miss the community!

If you want to run a stereo source from the mixer into your phone, than this [XLR (mono/balanced) -> TRS (stereo/unbalanced)] won’t be the right adapter.
If the source is stereo and the mixer provides an unbalanced output you’ll need something like this:
3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch
or (depending on the mixers output jacks)
3,5 mm TRS to Dual RCA

iPhones don’t have stereo inputs, so you’ll only be able to do mono (which requires the weird TRRS cable), or an audio interface and a camera connection kit.

There’s also a few iOS specific audio interfaces you could use. Line6 sonicport or iConnectivity come to mind. I think Behringer may even have one.

ah sorry…my bad…
was posting in a hurry…stupid me…

i remember that a friend of mine succesfully used the cheap combination of Behringer U-Control Interface with a Lightning - > USB Adapter, but I don’t have any personal experience with this…

Thanks @rknLA! So I if i’m OK with mono and get this thing, I should be good to go?

Behringer U control & camera connection kit works on an ipad, no reason it cant work on an iphone.

but be careful with only using one input on one of those as you might get a left only/right only stream, so take a stereo out into the ucontrol.

Instagram Mono’s everything anyway, so maybe your stream monos everyhting, if so it doesnt matter.

Or you can use this but I’d be worried it might lost connection/crackle/distort, but I do use this to go from oscillator to tuning app on my android phone.

** edit** yeah that’ll work.

yeah, that should work to get you the signal. i have no idea if it should be line level, or what though. if you’re going from a mixer output, you should be fine – just make sure to do some sound checking :slight_smile:

(also hi! totally just recognized your username!)