Automated sampling of hardware synths?

What are you using to sample your hardware synths?

Before pulling down modular patches I’d like to be able to sample them. But manually chopping up wave files and mapping them in Kontakt is a buzz kill. It would be great if there was an easy, mostly automated, alternative.


Splice to MIDI in Ableton. I usually either create my own warp markers and splice to those or choose a predetermined valvue (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc…) This will instantly create a drum rack for you to quickly start sequencing bits of your modular recordings. If you want to quickly make sampler instruments check out this Mr Bill tutorial:


I just started using Renoise. It’s a great program, I know there is a splicing feature but I have not explored it myself yet so can’t say too much. Renoise is also very affordable, and there’s keyboard shortcuts for most of the features.

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Something like Sample Robot? Wire up MIDI and audio, it should play all the notes automatically, slice the results, map to a file. Disclaimer: I don’t use it, it’s not cheap. Mainstage has this sort of thing built-in too, but only for EXS24, obviously.

There is a recent Max tutorial series on how to build such a system yourself.


Renoise has “Render to Samples” for softsynths in the “Plugin” tab, but unfortunately nothing in the MIDI tab. Or you mean loading a sample and having renoise automatically slice it? This sounds like something that could be automated with Lua (send MIDI, capture sample, slice).
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Apple’s MainStage has AutoSampler just for this purpose, which can generate EXS24 instruments for use in Logic.

(Logic Pro X may do this natively now too, but I haven’t checked recently.)


I was thinking of this, specifically the section on slice markers:

I’m a little fuzzy on the exact nature of how OP is trying to have the files arranged/processed but there can be a workflow to capturing external hardware synths as samples in Renoise. Essentially one can make patterns, one note and note-off per pattern, and batch-render each pattern as an individual file.
More details on the Renoise forum:

Yeah, this is now a feature in Mainstage because Apple purchased Redmatica, the company who originally created AutoSampler.

The og Autosampler was an incredible piece of software and, imho, the best way to sample analog synths. It could sample multiple velocity layers, detect loops, change presets using program change, and much more. It was much deeper than the Mainstage implementation.
I still have a copy but it doesn’t work anymore on High Sierra but if anyone is still using older OSX versions I’d highly recommend getting a copy of it somehow.

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Thanks for all the tips. :slight_smile:

Tom Cosm built a great, free little utility app that makes resampling your hardware easy peasy:
External Resampler 1.0

EDIT: link fixed


Something was funky with your Tom Cosm link but I found the one

Thanks for the tip!


anyone have success opening the Tom Cosm auto sampler in Mojave? Ive downloaded and unpacked it a few times with the a damaged file error from Mac OS.

I also am having this same issue. Tried it on 2 different machines.
I am running Sierra.

Autosampler mentioned in this thread is now also available in Logic X (10.5). Really impressed by this software/plugin.

I’ve spent the day sampling some of my Prophet 12 patches (and also a few Kontakt instruments… :shushing_face:)

Just in case…

For exporting the audio files in order to play them elsewhere than in Sampler (formerly Exs24), you simply load the newly created “Auto sampled” instrument into Sampler and in the file menu -> “Save a copy as” and check the “export audio files” box.

It will create a folder containing all the audio files properly named with note number, velocity etc.

Then I just drop this folder in the “Nord sample editor 3” and upload the instruments to my Nord Stage, super fast, auto-mapped etc…

Audiolayer on iOS also does automatic sampling


I ended up just getting MainStage for my auto sampling

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Just a check to see if there have been any interesting updates to the tools available to do this. Particularly interested in a free/open source flow or one that is integrated with ableton/max for live.

this is still a great option:
free and max for live.


Is the Logic version the same as the Mainstage version? Still looking to find a copy of the original before being acquired by Apple.