Automate up to nine knobs of the MS-70 CDR multieffect.


This script allows to automate up to nine parameters of the ZOOM MS-70 CDR multieffect. For each knob you can set the minimum and maximum value. The value will change using linear interpolation between randomly chosen values in the selected range, with a BPM related speed.




Connect the MS-70 CDR to the norns and set it as the midi first device.
Use the encoder 1 to select one of the nine controllers.
The encoder 2 sets the minimum value and encoder 3 sets the maximum value that will be sent to the MS-70 CDR.
Pressing key 2 you can select the effect and knob destination.
Use key 3 to randomize min/max values.
Automs70 can be also used to generate nine MIDI control change commands: define in the norns parameters menu the destination CC number and relative midi channel.


In maiden’s repl, enter:


. bugfix
. added MS type parameter, the script can be also used with ZOOM MS-50G (thanks to @landsort)

. bugfix



Excellent news - I have an MS-70CDR clamped permanently to the outputs of my Norns Shield, and this will be just the ticket!


Does this work with the MS-50G as well? Just connect usb and go? Ty

No, you have to change the script. Search 0x61, replace it with 0x58 and it should work. Let me know, I don’t have a MS-50G to test.


don’t have the Zoom but this is great for using as a base for other midi pedal scripts. great stuff, thanks!


Hey! Excited for this script! I tried this with my MS-50G and just updated Norns shield.

I changed the two instances of 0x61 in lines 23 and 24 of automs70.lua to 0x58, saved the file and slept for good measure. This is what Matron says on launch:

# script load: /home/we/dust/code/automs70/automs70.lua
# cleanup
# script clear
# script run
>> reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/automs70/automs70.pmap /home/we/dust/data/automs70/automs70.pmap not read.
Engine.register_commands; count: 0
___ engine commands ___
___ polls ___
# script init

…but, the pedal doesn’t seem to be responding. I am pretty new to all this, so maybe I am missing something basic. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, you must change also line 196, and it should work. Let me know!

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Thanks for the quick reply; can confirm that after the line 196 change also that the little knobs on the MS-50 are moving and all is working great now!

Many thanks for the Automs70.


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UPDATE: After a time running the script, the interface on the Norns shield freezes up and becomes non-responsive.

A ;restart from the Matron repl stops the script, but if I relaunch Automs70, the interface is frozen again immediately. A sleep restores everything to working as expected, but after a few minutes (maybe 10?) we freeze again.

Weird…when freezed, what happens if you disconnect the USB cable?

I disconnected the USB cable, but that didn’t appear to do anything different. The interface on the Norns shield is still locked up, but this time I also lost the network connection so I can’t talk to Matron. I really like the script, though! Right up my (ambient) alley.

I’ll try to reproduce the crash in the next days. Thanks for reporting it, I’m glad you like the script.

EDIT: @landsort I just updated automs70! Now you have the parameter “MS type” and you can use it to select the MS-50G as destination (no more lua editing needed). I’ve also reduced the parameters update speed to avoid device crashes. Please, let me know if it works on your multistomp.

Hi Again!

Sorry for the delay, my Norns and I were apart for awhile. Yes, I was able to select the MS-50G in the edit menu and everything is working as expected. Haven’t seen a crash after more than 30 minutes running. :+1:

EDIT/UPDATE: @pangrus Still purring like a kitten after having run all night long!

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Many thanks to @landsort for the testing.

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Thanks for making this. Testing on MS50G here. Looks like E4 and E5 knobs aren’t turning. E1, E2 and E3 are fine.

You are right, same on the MS-70CDR. This depends on the Zoom firmware. I’m going to reduce the effect range to 3.