Aux Send or Group Send?

Whats your preferred method of doing effects send/returns for dance music?
I’m trying to figure out the most efficient/accessible way to route some channels from my mixer into my effects rack. Somewhat in the vein of that french/filter house stuff.

Currently my set up is:

MPC200XL w/ 8outs
Akai AX60
Kaossilator Pro

Effects (in order of chain)
Alesis 3630
Akai MFC42
ARTMidiverb II

Soundcraft MTK 22

As of now I have Group 1-2 being used as a send to the effects rack. Each track is either on/off in that routing. The return from the rack is plugged into the last stereo channel on the mixer which is routed to the Master while the other tracks are only being sent to groups 1-2. Does anybody find that parallel effects sound better than a wet only mix? Im trying to stay away from eating up all my inputs with effects returns. How do y’all do it?

Really depends on the type of effect. The filter and compressor definitely makes sense in the groups, the midiverb seems like it would be better in an AUX