Hi. Should the parameters, like step length and note length, be able to learn from my 16n? Right now they’re not. (For contrast, Moln was able to learn from my 16n). I’m on 2.0.1. Thanks!

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right now parameter mapping only works for the “control” param type whereas the step/note lengths are “numbers”.

we’re working on an overhaul of the param menu which will include adding various mapping functionality.

so in short, no it won’t work until the update. but you could write a custom mapping function in the script itself quite easily (the studies will impart enough knowledge to do this)


Thanks. Yeah, I was wondering about Awake because the 16n works with MLR, Moln, and others. Thanks for 2.0 and beyond.

wow, messing with Awake for fifteen minutes taught me so much about Kria.


…do tell…:thinking:

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Did the delay get removed in the recent updates? Seems not to be working after I pushed the latest git pull over to my Norns.

be sure your CUT level is turned up in the MIX page

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That was it, along with the creation of a duplicate engine (FM7).

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Having trouble syncing to an external midi clock. I’m able to do so with Loom, but not Awake. Anyone able to do so?

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See this post:

Yes, this makes sense…I’m new to programming in Maiden…can you give me a sense of what I would change line 80 to?

in my case, the midi device I want to get clock from is #3 (listed in SYSTEM>DEVICES>MIDI) so… line 80 would be local clk_midi = midi.connect(3)


Sync now works. Thanks!

Im having trouble getting awake to sync to external clock on midi port 1, clock sync works on other sketches…
I have tried
local clk_midi = midi.connect(1)
to no avail
local clk_midi = midi.connect() which is the default does not sync either.

by default midi.connect() connects to port 1. is your midi device set to the first port in SYSTEM > DEVICES > MIDI?

Hi tehn, thanks for the reply.
Yes its on the first port in SYSTEM > DEVICES > MIDI
Its receiving midi clock from ableton, this same configuration works on other sketches, using external sync now with fourplay and its working with external sync.

ok, i’ll have to check it out. figured since both foulplay and awake use the beatclock library it should just work, but it’s been some time since i tested it. sorry for the trouble!

Thanks a lot tehn, much appreciated!
What a great device norns is! Congrats

this was broken in foulplay for a while as well, @okyeron pushed a fix on Apr 26th.

I don’t know if it will help, but here is the commit/fix


Looks like there might be a conflict with the midi.event for the midi_out_device (line 151) when there’s only one device for both incoming and outgoing midi (maybe it’s blocking the event from the one on line 81)

If I comment out line 151 - clock in works OK.