Axoloti Core

That sounds like it might fit behind a 3u panel without modifications?


They do seem to have that goal in mind.

Looks to be a community project (eg, Johannes is aware of it, but doesn’t seem to be directly involved)

Here’s the thread:


The next-gen axoloti with much more ram is now available. This is awesome news. It’s a bit more expensive but I think it’s worth it.


That’s interesting. Is this 100% compatible with the existing Axoloti Patcher?

It appears not:

Ah, I see. Maybe this will drive some long-overdue improvements to the Patcher.

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No DIN MIDI, which is a shame.; but the 3.5mm jacks which can do cv i/o look useful.


Hey @toneburst . Appreciate your interest in my project. I just want to clarify the compatibility question a bit more.

The new hardware is compatible in the sense that the vast majority of existing Axoloti objects and patches work directly without modification. Some objects depend on low level hardware details that are specific to the old F4 processor and have been modified to work on the new H7. There are other aspects of the firmware that have changed as well.

When I say “separate distribution” all that means is a updated version of the old patcher and libraries that targets the new hardware. The intent is for it to be able to run any existing patch or object.

To say it another way: if you have old Axoloti patches lying around, you will in most cases be able to just load them and go in the new version of the patcher.

Also, DIN MIDI is easily done with any standard breakout board. The MIDI section from the original Core board will work.

Ping me if you have other questions.


Cool, thanks for the clarification, @zrnsm.

Nice; I wondered if there would be some way of expanding into DIN.

Edit: is there any way to allow the 3.5mm TRS jacks to be used for a Korg/Arturia style DIN MIDI breakout cable?

Good news; thanks for the update and details.

Very cool project, never had an original Axoloti but liking the DC coupled ins&outs… Picked up a board and questions incoming on your forum!

I wonder if it supports a screen?

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Interesting development. I made a half-finished sampling groovebox with the old Axoloti core. It’s a pretty cool platform for playing with DSP. This looks like it’ll have a lot more horsepower.

There are many options for this SoC, everything from small I2C displays to (if enough pins are available) high-resolution LCDs. But it’s far from plug and play, you’d have to write some code yourself.

I feel some kind of facility for a screen would be a massive improvement - if they could make this more user friendly for non coders- choose a useful screen type and have some kind of write-to-screen object within the patching software. You then could see what patch you are running, the key parameters and their values.

I’m guessing this is still a possibility with hardware of this kind and could follow on…

Screen support is absolutely possible. Definitely something that I think is critical as an expansion. I think basic OLED is probably the most practical to keep IO usage to a minimum. The H7 processor does have an integrated LCD-TFT controller peripheral but it eats up many IO pins. I made an effort to preserve the possibility of using it in the hardware design, i.e. making sure the pins are available at test points, but I haven’t tried it out yet.


Glad to see this come to fruition. I really like the new design being more compact but also having separate jacks is great and the CV is a really nice bonus. also from the photos on the site it looks like they are stackable with the ability to pass data between them?

I haven’t used my axo in a while and while it is part out of using other things and being lazy, I think a big thing for me was how coder focused the axoloti was with people constantly adding and modifying things and I get sick of keeping track of stuff and just want to have things work. while I appreciate its open-ended flexibility I also feel that if there was a dedicated case and controller board or a couple different controller boards with screens I could choose from I’d get more into it again. I’m not so interested in ordering sets of custom cut plastic for different designs and then 2 weeks later someone says the files are goofed and I need to fix it and so on. if you offered control boards and cases (i know… more work, so on…) just something to keep in mind.

So I has i2c? I have the teletype + expanders + er301 on i2c, how feasible would it be to have the new axoloti run as i2c follower, controlled from the teletype? A dedicated axoloti2 eurorack module with i2c connections on the back and CV I/o + USB (for programming from computer) would be a dream!


I think a screen is pretty much essential for a multi-use device like this, to be honest.

The lack of one (and the endless wait for the teased-but-never-forthcoming Axoloti Control board) were major factors in my losing interest in the original Axoloti board.

I’m glad to see the platform getting some more love. I got the impression a couple of years ago that the original developer had pretty much lost interest in it, and was leaving support to (unpaid) 3rd parties.

That may be unfair, but scanning the site now, it doesn’t look like there have been any major developments there since then.


While the developer is mostly absent from their forum, he is working on a major update, a 2.0 firmware that is available in alpha or beta state.