Backpack Recommendations

Hey I’m looking for a new backpack. I enjoy the spirit, design & quality of TOPO Designs. Any other bag makers in that vein y’all can vouch for?


i’ve done 2-week tours with just this and a tiny pelican case (for gear)

highly recommend


I have a Tenba backpack that I really like:

It’s great for laptop and smaller audio or photo gear.

The most comfortable and indestructible backpack I own is from an old company called Dana Designs - while the company is long gone I recently discovered that the designer/owner behind it is back in the business again.

…when my travel backpack / day pack dies (should be any day now) I plan to go with something from mysteryranch.

I’m a big fan of Trakke bags.


I have a trakke courier/messanger bag for bike days and it is great, really solid and well made. Glad to see they are still making good stuff.

Bought a reversible backpack from as I am wary of being obviously “tourist” after my wife being pickpocketed. I like it. Nice simple design, and holds up well. Mine isn’t waterproof though so I’ve had to save a rain cover from an old pack.

Nice! Did you incorporate the OMG panic whistle into your set?

I guess it all depends on how much stuff you need to carry but I tend to prefer 1000 denier cordura bags for durability, my daily carry is a Maxpedition Malaga sling bag with a Hazard 4 Flip bottle pouch.

I got one of these Mission Workshop bags when I realized I needed something smaller than my old chrome giant backpack, and I absolutely love it as a smaller alternative. waterproof, 3 sizes, fantastic construction.


Have been using this one for years.


Whoa ya that looks nice. Did you check the pelican? I was thinking gear in the backpack (keep it close) and clothes in a (checked) duffle.

Been using this braasi for two years now. Fits an octatrack, plumbutter 2 and MacBook at the same time and can be zipped up to a slim bag for every day use. Wish the buckles were metal instead of plastic though…


both carry-on. pelican 1490 is like a hard briefcase.


I’ve had this for 6 months and love the quality and compactness

Wow those trakke bags look fantastic. Getting on for sure!

Love these, have a really tiny little MacBook Air bag that fits everything I need

some great recommendations here. many thanks!


Can definitely vouch for Mission Workshop - excellent quality. Got the big Vandal backpack, and it’s excellent with multiple compartments and massively expandable. Been traveling with my laptop, MOTU, controller and other small instruments in there along with other random items without any problems. Also easily holds enough for long weekend trips.

used patagonia :slightly_smiling_face:

'artisanal corporate distortion
or updated 'nob hill style

All great suggestions!

My favorite is Arc’Teryx. Not cheap, but always amazing.

Dsptch also makes great bags.