Backpack Recommendations


Based on your first comment, I’m guessing you’re already familiar with the line – but I’ve used Topo’s Klettersack for all sorts of travel/hauling gear around. Super versatile.


My most recent bag that’s making me happy is the Patagonia SnowDrifter. Great for skiing, dayhiking, and packing my cables and OP1 up :slight_smile:


yes i am seriously considering that one. i do wish it opened completely flat like a suitcase. i’ve never had a backpack that does that, but it seems really key when traveling for an extended period.

the patagonia tres pack is a strong contender at the moment.

also read that the osprey farpoint is a favorite, though the aesthetics don’t get me super jazzed.


I use this daily, really love it! Although looking on the Timbuk2 site it seems they’ve overhauled their range, not sure if for better or worse…


I just ordered a farpoint for some traveling. It seems to check all of my boxes. The daypack looks like a great addition.


Cosign on the Isar backpack. I’ve had mine for maybe 6 years now and still going strong. I’ve used it to carry my whole live-performance setup / clothes for a 5 day trip / nothing more than a laptop at varying times.


thats one slick looking bag, are you talking about the Large version?


I bought a second one as I use it for everything from grocery shopping to carrying clothes or audio gear. Doesn’t show any signs of wear. (slight exageration…)


i’m actually not sure. when i bought mine i think there was only one size. fits a 15" laptop if that answers the question?


I’ve had a somewhat bad experience with Côte et Ciel, albeit with their Nile bag instead of the Isar.

I owned it for about 3 years. After about a year and a half or so in, the shoulder straps started being defective - they would always slip down over the course of a few hours, which made wearing the bag with any kind of load fairly uncomfortable (and probably bad for my back). I emailed their support, and they basically told me it was out of warranty and there’s nothing they could do about it. However, later they added this exact problem to the dropdown list for their online support system, so it’s clearly something they knew about.

Then last month, the zippers started unstitching over ~10cm or so. I again contacted their support, asking if there was any way to fix it - and that I was happy to pay for it. Once again, they told me there was nothing they could do about it. They offered to send me a replacement zipper, which I have still not received.

It’s a shame, I really loved their design, and as a French person I wanted to support a company from my home country - but the fact that they don’t stand by their products (lifetime warranty tends to be the standard for expensive backpacks) really turned me off from them, and I doubt I will buy anything from them again.

I replaced my Nile with a Timbuk2 Bruce, which I really like so far. Kind of a similar aesthetic, more comfortable, and holds more stuff. We’ll see how it holds up, but Timbuk2 has been good in my experience - and they do offer a lifetime warranty.


Same here with Timbuk2. I would prefer a local brand, but nothing could beat 150$ with a lifetime warranty.

I was going on tour in Europe and looking for a bag that could handle my 6U 84HP Halliburton Eurorack case. After trying a few bags, I opted for this bag.

Simple design, international carry-on size, just enough pockets and pretty durable. The interior compression strap was also perfect to secure the case inside the bag.

Since I’m back from tour, I use it quite often but mostly for heavy grocery stuff and 15lbs cat food bags. :smiley_cat:


hey that one looks really practical and simple. i couldn’t tell from the pics and description where the laptop sleeve is located. is it on the outside or close to the back?

(also cool you have a halliburton case! i built a 7u 96hp)

edit: more research shows it’s all in the flap. i’d prefer to have my computer more protected. almost


Yeah, in the flap, When I use the bag for my laptop, I add some extra padding, just in case. It works, but it’s indeed not a super wise place…

For the Halliburton cases, I did a few attache-case (6U 84hp) and one huge luggage case (18U 104hp). The smaller one are just perfect to oblige me to keep it simple and not regret the weight while travelling.

Did you built an inside frame for the rails or screwed them straight to the case?


i collaborated with john at pulplogic to make a shock mounted frame:


You guys did some awesome work!!

This is the current one I’m using live.

And here the way too big one that i sold to a friend.

Both are also fitted with removable pins. An easy and effective way to not butcher the case.

The shock mounted idea differs from my version, but it’s really brilliant. :slight_smile:


If you’re after a backpack that can carry your music rig around, I use this:

Built like a tank, I can put my whole rig in it: laptop, audio interface, Launchpad Pro, Digitakt (or Circuit), FaderFox UC44, headphones, all the power adapters, and cables. And very nicely padded around your spine: I lugged this, with all the above, all the way to Berlin from the States, and around town for a few days. It was great. Still use it as my main gig bag.


Pack company from the 70’s that started making bags again.


By the way while we’re at it with backpacks, does anyone have any recommandations on (big) keyboards backpack? How harsh are they on the back? Is it something you’d recommend or advice to avoid (it seems quite brutal when I look at the pictures but maybe it’s fine)? I’m considering it in the near future as I’ve got a shitload of a setup to carry on and the keyboard is the biggest problem for me to move around, even on a trolley…


i’ve been very happy with fjallraven’s rucksack n°21.
very sturdy, waterproof with their special bee wax. they propose 15, 20 or 30 L.
with the 20 L i carry a 15" mbp (2009), a saffire pro 14, grid 64, arc 2, cables, etc.


I was recently in the Scilly Isles and came across Ratbags:

Simple canvas bags of all shapes and sizes, all at amazing prices considering they are completely handmade.