Backpack Recommendations


i feel like you might enjoy some of mokyoubi’s bags. most of their designs are a little loud, but there are some really great ones. also check out YKRA bags, they seem amazing and the design is spot on - i have had my eye on the primary color mini one for some time :slight_smile:


So I ended up going with my initial impulse (topo). The daypack fastens to the travel bag. Pretty stoked on the build quality :slight_smile:


for anyone interested in nice bags and specifically topo bag… the field bag is 50% off right now with code “fieldbag50” :slight_smile:


I’ve been eyeing this one…


Bags enjoy a special place of honor in my Mt. Rushmore of Awful Fascinations.

  1. My daily carry is a Maxpedition Lunada bag. It’s big enough for my work-life EDC. I attach a MOLLE baton holster for an umbrella, a Hazard4 pouch for my coffee thermos, and a few odd doo-dads (MP3 player and cable shell). As a sling bag it’s easier to maneuver; I pivot it to my front when I sit down, then twist it to ride in the small of my back when I’m up walking. [edited to correct the actual bag - I always get the Lunada and the Malaga confused. Mine is the smaller of the two.]

  2. My travel carry is a Maxpedition Sitka bag. It’s big enough for a laptop and the larger variety of Stuff you end up carrying on trips. If I can get away with it I leave it home and travel with #1 because it’s Smaller.

  3. On the weekend if needed I break out the Belstaff 554 Colonial Canvas messenger bag. It’s canvas so it’s fragile - I don’t dare bang it around too much. But it’s good for the sorts of thing a middle-aged man will do on the weekend. Use your imagination. Note: the new version of this bag is God Awful And No One Should Buy It.

  4. I’m not into fanny packs or belt packs but when hiking around as I am wont to do I’ll throw all my Wilderness Stuff into a REI Co-op Flash 18. It’s ridiculously lightweight, it has a separate hydration pouch, and I have no problem throwing it into the wash.

Someday soon I’ll need to get a Pelican 1400 for my Nornsing Activities, and I’m hoping I can jam that into the Sitka.

It’s a sickness, I know.


When I’m running around daily I use a SAG bike messenger bag I bought 10 years ago. Can’t recommend them these days, they’re made totally different.

Probably not your style but for extended activities I use a mystery ranch crew cab which has done for me everything from backpack camping by motorcycle to weeks’ worth of laundry at once (by motorcycle) to just headed into work. It’s ridiculously expandable/compressable and the most comfortable bag I’ve worn!


I recently bought a backpack - after realising that my Tom Bihn messenger bag, much as I love it, was knackering my back.

After looking at all the lovely and cool and trendy bags I ended up with

(& paid a lot less than that for it on Amazon)

I can carry film making kit (Drone, several cameras and couple of go pros), laptop, iPad, hard disks, midi controllers etc (& shove a clean shirt in)

it’s not cool. it’s not fancy but it has turned out to be a good backpack :slight_smile:


just got one of these that i am quite happy with.


Gulp! Wow, that is pricey for a backpack!


not really sure I can fully recommend my favorite backpack because it’s clearly too expensive (it was when I bought it, and it’s gotten more so since then).

what I can say is that I’ve enjoyed no longer wearing cordura backpacks anymore and I have embraced having a backpack with almost no internal organization for work and travel.


Also surprisingly low key for visvim


For business-y travel I use a Tom Bihn Tristar:

For recreational travel I use a Dueter AC 38 (similar to the newer:


I have to say, though, threads like this are how I ended up with 19 packs. I gave quite a few away, and have banned packs from my GASsing.


If you’re into that price range, I have been using a Veillance Nomin pack for years and it’s the best I’ve ever had. The newer version is slightly different, but apparently also awesome.


I agree with the Mono Flybye - holds so much but remains compact, sturdy and comfortable. Mission Workshop are also great bags.

Love this thread!


having had timbuk2 packs in the past, and Patagonia currently, they are both fine. My parther has a topo bag and I’ve got to say that it’s legit – the build quality is amazing. I’d add to this list for incredible quality, small family run business and best of all, custom colors / features as standard practice. Great prices too! I just wish the retro pack was a bit bigger so it could fit a 15" macbook

I’m all about super basic functionality here, I’m really not interested in 20 pen pockets & a flece lined tablet pouch…


I am coming back from a hiking trip and this thread showed up in my view, so couldn’t help but post this here:

I have the Windrider 3400, and I absolutely love it. Bought it about 9 months ago - by far the best trail backpack I have ever bought. Very lightweight, very durable, very comfortable, very fashionable. Kind of in love with dyneema now (originally designed for catamaran sails, but turns out it makes a great ultralight backpacking fabric as well).

Probably not great for carrying synthesizers though.


I’ve always liked how the Hyperlite bags looked - nice to see something that seems technically great while also looking better than virtually any other true hiking backpack.

also, FYI for folks interested in Topo bags - most of them seem to be made in Vietnam rather than Colorado, USA now, which is a bummer :expressionless:


Tossing in an honorable mention for Mission Workshop bags - have had their Rambler for years and it stands up to a lot.


+1 for dyneema.

Another alternative to Hyperlite is Pa’lante. Frameless packs with some really nice features and built in a garage by some nice fellows in Utah.

Literally about to hit the trail for a 3 day thru-hike with mine this morning.


big MW co-sign; i’ve been using my rambler daily for 5+ years as an every day everything bag. the ability to get huge makes it the ultimate grocery-getter. very comfy to wear while on a bike. love the structure and minimal design (on the bag anyway, i really don’t like the look of the website/brand in general these days).