Baltimore, MD - weekly ambient/experimental music at Fadensonnen

Hi all,

For anyone in the Baltimore area, I thought it would be worth sharing that Fadensonnen has been holding weekly ambient/experimental shows and DJ sets in the upstairs tavern. I’m pleased to be performing there with my band (Hotel Neon) on Feb 20th.

More info here: Events calendar / Pop-ups — Fadensonnen


Nice! It’s been years since I lived in Baltimore, but I originally moved there for the diverse, supportive, and vibrant underground arts scene. Great for experimental stuff, glad to know it’s still churning.

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Right there with you! I live in Philly now, but I grew up in Baltimore and will always have a soft spot for the city. So many humble, talented and hardworking folks there with a wonderful artistic scene.

Fadensonnen is lovely and one of my favorite bars/hangouts anywhere. They’ve really come into their own. Great vibe and I’m really excited to play.


Currently live here, but I’ve never been here. Will try to stop by!!!

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