banana jacked crow

Has anyone ever taken their crow and modded it to have banana jacks? As you can adjust the v/oct at the script level, I am curious if anyone has any other considerations I should take into account. I am commissioning a Buchla case build from luther and will be installing the crow directly into the power panel.

Anything else I’m missing? Any other considerations?


I dont think this has been done yet. There’s 2 main concerns:

  1. The 3.5mm jacks are surface mount, so removing them can be a little tricky. If you wire the jacks so the crow panel is fully internal, you’ll need to find a solution to attach the usb port. This is a SMT part as well, with quite fine pitch, so it’ll be a soldering challenge.

  2. The calibration system relies upon the jacks being normalled to an on-board multiplexer. Basically you won’t be able to calibrate crow after removing the 3.5mm jacks. Probably a non-issue, but just make sure you are happy with the cv calibration first.


My be easier to just get a format jumbler box or format jumbler module like these. Thats what I do and I use crow with my Serge modular all the time. Works wonderfully. I just have the format jumbler module mounted right beside my crow.