Bandcamp questions

I want to create a Bandcamp account, that I would use both to put music there and to buy other people’s releases.

When I’m on the account creation page, I’m asked for both an username and an artist name. From what I’ve read, the username can’t be changed later while the artist name can.

What I’m not sure of is what other users see, i.e. is the username only used for logging in or is it visible to others (when I buy albums, etc.) ?

How do people here who have bandcamp accounts handle this ? Same name everywhere or different one for artist and user ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I think I’m the master of compartimentalization so I’ve got two accounts with different user names as these are different matters to me (like, I can more freely share a broader range of things with my user account in my wishlist, I can buy and download stuff without feeling like I’m “endorsing” it as an artist but just as a music listener which I think is a different thing). And on my artist account, there’s still room for pointing at other people’s work that might be relevant if people liked mine with the 3 recommandations following someone’s download which I think is a fantastic feature. So yeah. Really, two different things (and I actually didn’t even link both accounts). There are a few times where I’d like to be able to support some music as an artist but not enough to make me regret the way bandcamp organized this, I think it’s a healthy and well thought out solution. Anyhow that’s also down to what you want as a personn, as I said, that’s very much the way I function but that’s in absolutely no way “the way to go” ^^, whatever you choose to do, enjoy this wonderful site and dive in, it has a lot to offer once you’ve got an account!

Edit: And use the mobile app at length!!! Wonderful little thing, so much improvement other the last years (I wasn’t using it / enjoying it much at first), probably the most improved mobile app I’ve ever had.

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It’s unfortunate, to me, that Bandcamp has this clear divide between “fan” and “artist” built into it’s DNA. My rough understanding is that if you make an artist account, you can later also buy things from that account, but if you first make a fan account, you need to create a separate artist account if you want to upload your own music. I may be mistaken.

From what I remember you can upgrade (I also upgraded an artist account to label account etc.) I’m not sure how it works as it’s not something I needed

Edit: yeah so from what I see, when you’re a “fan” (that’s one thing I dislike about BC, I think the word fan should be banned but yeah, not the point ^^) you could just create an artist account, and then you merge it to your existing fan account in the “fan” tab of the settings. We’d need someone to try it and see if it works!


That seems accurate - I had an artist account first and that automatically became my fan account. They don’t seem to conflict and I have one log in. I feel bad for those who want to get an artist account after a fan account. :frowning_face:

Has anyone contacted Bandcamp about this? It seems like they’re the kind of company who would be interested in the feedback and respond to it.


Thanks for the answers.

For those of you with an artist account, is your username different from your artist name ?
I’m also a bit unclear as to what your artist URL ends up being, is that something that can be set later ?

And I just noticed that the user accounts are of the type : whereas artists are, so I would get both when creating an artist account ?

If so, that should be fine for me (I’d rather avoid creating a junk account just to test this :slight_smile: )…

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Yup, you would get both in the way you described

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so I’m trying to figure out how to link my album which was released on a label to also be on my personal Bandcamp page. like if you click on it on my page it would redirect you to the labels instead

any tips on how to do this?

I don’t think that’s possible, although I hope someone could tell us otherwise. So far I uploaded the albums to my own account, disabled buying/downloading and linked to the label’s album page in the description like here.

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I did the same thing as @NightMachines with my album that Rad Cult released. I think that’s the only work around. Like here… Happy Transmission | Huron

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yes, that’s exactly what I was wanting to figure out.

can’t see anywhere how to disable download though either …or disable purchase

I’ll keep working on this and see if I can find more

thanks all for chiming in

That’s a great solution! I’ve been wondering about this.

very good! :smiley:

thanks @Gahlord for the pro tips

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Thanks! That’s interesting. How does the complete setup process work then? For my releases I would usually send my audio files to the label, they would create the physical tapes, take promo photos, set up the album page, pricing, shipping info, etc.

Would they now send me (the artist) the promo photos, desired album description text, pricing and shipping info and I would set everything up under my account and they will then link to it? I.e. can they influence the album page or can only the artist do that? Can both parties see analytics, etc.? And can the artist withdraw the linking at any time and if so, will they get all the money from then on?

I’m not seeing the disable buying/download part, maybe I need the pro version?

I don’t have a pro account either. It’s at the top of the album settings I think.

thanks @NightMachines

so weird, it’s just not there… gonna email Bandcamp and ask what’s up

Here’s a screenshot!

Where this gets confusing, for me, from both the artist and label perspective, is what happens when an artist is on MULTIPLE labels.
Ideally, there should be an option for an artist to retain control of their page but still have specific releases on more than one label. And for those multiple labels to be able to add releases, with the needed controls, from their artists if those artists are already on other labels.


so weird… this is my view

still waiting to hear back from Bandcamp