Baron Cimitière

Baron Cimitière is a multiplatform digital drumming application.
Born as an ER-301 custom unit it is now available also as max/msp patch with monome grid 128 varibright support for full hands on control of the internal sequencer.
the first three rows of the grid control respectively:
-main sequence steps
-phase modulation steps
-distortion steps
each of the three rows can be randomized (clocked,on the grid you see dimly lit buttons, they are the three controls for randoms)
then you can specify:
-base frequency
-phase mod oscillator frequency ratio (with random)
-distortion (tanh~ with random)
-phase mod index
it sports a global transport link, a reset button to clear the grid and sequencer, time base division (4,8,16) and 6 preset slots.

the idea follows years of using single oscillators with fm or pm and waveshaping as full drumkit in the eurorack realm (with dpo, hertz donut 1 and 2).
then i ported the technique to the er-301 and lastly to max/msp.
a max for live version is upcoming and my end goal is to port it to supercollider on a raspberry setup for a nice lil hardware selfcontained drum machine.
here’s the repo with all things Baron Cimitière:

here a picture of the max/msp version:

here a demo of an earlier 8 steps version:


How about linking Teletype, Grid, and ER-301 together so they can let us play with Baron Cimitière in that configuration?


unfortunately i don’t have TT so i cannot try it but if anyone wants to have a look at it i’d be more than happy!

dang this is great. thank you very much for sharing!

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Maybe we can loop @EqualTemperament in on this idea of linking up the Grid and Teletype to do this, maybe I’m even overlooking something really simple where it’s already possible.


I might be willing to try to create a Teletype scene using grid ops for this. I don’t have Max. Do values get stored for each of the sequencer steps other than on/off?


i’m using COLL objects (collections of lists… i can send you some kind of explanation\diagram if you want!)

but @unity2k you mean grid + teletype + baron on er-301 or grid+teletype+baron max/msp?

Grid + Teletype + Baron on the 301. I’m not a Max/Msp person.

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nice! very interested in that too (i’m considering a TT me too :slight_smile: )

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this is awesome.
as a norns/301/grid/tt owner, i would love some i2c action on this! thanks so much for a great drumming thang! (im putting it on my 301 now)

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I guess I could just download the max demo and try it out, and then see what questions I have. I have been avoiding the max demo for fear that I might never climb back out of that rabbit hole once I venture inside. :sweat_smile:


eheheheh :slight_smile: i struggled for years just making one lil step forward two steps backward, now something finally clicked (thanks also to an online class i’m following) and i’m beginning to see some light.
great help came from the fact that i also begun studying superCollider.

Thanks for sharing this, sounds wild !
As for the name, I guess you meant “Baron Cimetière”, or is it deliberate ?

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you find him spelled both ways. keep in mind this is creole, not perfect french :slight_smile:

have to further test compatibility with monome grid but i reached version 0.4.7, the moving playhead is back also on the GUI and i fixed minor issues.

That makes sense! I don’t know creole that much actually.

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0.4.9 upped!
better support for monome grid,
solved initialization of the leds on the grid!
very happy with it.
max cpu usage= 20% (still a lot but not too bad)

It felt really strange plugging my grid into my computer. I had it working for a little while, and for some reason, the Baron no longer seems to be getting clock when the transport is running. No clue why, but the bottom row of grid doesn’t move anymore and it makes no sound. Meadowphysics still works ok…

Any ideas? This is the first time I’ve ever even looked at Max so I’m probably overlooking something really obvious.

very strange.
the Global Transport is still running?
have you tried to turn the “active” parameter off and on again?
never had troubles with that. but also have not tried it with other apps running around! have to test this!

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Ah, that was it - some how it got deactivated. Figured it was a rookie mistake. Thanks!

I think I can build a Teletype grid ops scene for the er-301 version. Do you care the grid control functionality deviates a bit from the Max version? I have a couple ideas I’d like to try. Or if you’d rather keep them consistent I can try to build this exactly.