Baron Cimitière

of course no problem there Joe! please feel free to experiment!!! can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!!! very glad if we come up with a joe\giona collaboration!

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Off to a good start!


yeeeeess! arrghhh you are aggravating my teletype gas!!!


the baron doing tablas! this is the er-301 custom unit version sequenced by kria:


after months a due update for the max version is finally up!
optimized for windows users, some awkard part of code lined up and added independent “clear” button on envelopes for fast reset of parameters :slight_smile:
as usual you’ll find it here:

Worth moving to the Library category?

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it seems the best option is to create a new thread in Library and backlink to this thread. (we can then close this thread).

this way the Library format can be implemented.


ah wow i absolutely don’t know what you are talking about :smiley:
is it a kind of repository? can you please give me a link to have a look?
anyway, keep in mind this is my first ever project in max msp, i’m a total noob.
i’m pretty sure the code can be greatly optimized but i have to say it works pretty well and the concept is nice :slight_smile: so please consider that i’m a supern00b, don’t know if this is worth being included in a library!
if you can try it i’d greatly appreciate your feedback on it!

If you try to create a new thread, you’ll see you can add a category to it. One of those categories is “Library” which is being used to gather threads for Monome scripts both Norns also Max, if you browse the threads, you can see there’s a common form for the first post that includes an image or video of the script/app, what requirements there are (grid, arc, max, Norns, …), documentation, and where to find the script. It’s also worth adding a link back to older threads.

See for example:

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Thanks for the explaination :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen any C++ based scripts as of yet but… I’m wondering how possible it would be to port this to Norns? Otherwise I’m scared this could be the last straw keeping me from acquiring a 301


Hello! Unfortunately i dont own a norns. A supercollider version is on the roadmap but im still too n00b for it. Neither i know lua. I think it might be fairly easy to port it and i dont have any resistance to other coders doing it if they give me credit. :slight_smile:

0.5.5 is here!

minor bug fix: after toggling off Phase Mod Ratio the ratio itself didn’t reset to displayed value.