Basic max + grid question

How do I tell Max that I want coordinate 1,1 of my grid to be the bottom left button and not the top left button?

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You can use the /sys/rotation message to your monome in max. send 90, 180 270 or 0 to change what 1,1 of your grid is in max

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this reminds me. i absoultely have to go through

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i think you’re asking for cartesian coordinates, right? that’d be an inversion of the y axis. you’ll just need to do some simple math.

ie, on the 128:

!- 7

will subtract the incoming number from 7, which will invert the axis. just put this before your OSC message pack

Wrote that when i wasn’t at the computer, I meant 0,0 sorry.

Was referring to this part of the grid tutorial:

“Where x,y is the position and z indicates key down (1) or key up (0). Note here that x,y position is ‘zero referenced’ so 0,0 is the upper-left key and 15,7 is the lower-right”

I’ll try the stuff you all mentioned