Basic problem - setting up Monome 64 for Ableton Live 9

Hi good people of LINES

I recently bought a Monome 64 with walnut sides. Now I want to play with it obviously, but that has proven somewhat of a challenge. Without the normal ‘plug and play’ setup I am used to, I have tried to read up on the installation of this controller. Still without any results I am afraid.

One of the easiest way of getting to use it, seems to be through Max4Live for Ableton - which is exactly the DAW I already use. ‘Terms’ should be a really easy way of setting it up for Live use. However, I cannot get it to work. It seems that Ableton wont recognize the Monome.

Therefore I have tried to install the serialosc 1.4, sorta to make my Imac (10.11.6) recognize my Monome 64. But serialosc will not install. I have tried 10 times. :frowning:

Can you guys help me? Sorry for the very basic nature of my question.

Kind regards,

Hi Simon.

I assume you’ve followed all the steps here:

When you plug the Monome in, do you see the startup LED animation?

Also, in the Device Manager, do you see the Monome connected?

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