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I was going to post this in the guitar thread but I suppose this is a better place:

I’ve been considering getting a fretless bass to accompany my steel guitar and ribbon controller playing and since I’m not taking it so seriously, I’m wondering what the cheapest I can get a playable instrument for is.

Is there anything I need to think about when purchasing a budget fretless? Whether the fretboard is uniform? Does the combination of fretless and short scale work fine or does it lead to a poorly playing instrument?

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Anyone use the Phil Jones amps?

At 60 I’m looking to downsize!


Getting older but still like ampeg sv8x10 and Fender Pres. classic punchy sound

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Talkbass classifieds are great if you’re looking used. If you’re looking for more modern light weight gear then Darkglass and Bergantino are worth a look. For heavy tube stuff check out Verellen.


Bass was the first instrument I really got into, but I haven’t played regularly for a long time. Impulsively broke it out a little while ago, and was pleasantly surprised at the sounds I could get out of Logic’s built in bass amp sim:

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Down in our unused practice space is a Phil Jones Session 77, their budget model. Sounds good, and it’s light. Not loud though. I’ve used it a couple times for low-volume gigs with upright bass. It’s adequate for practice. I’d like to hear their high end amps some time.

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My fretless is an old Fender musicmaster short scale that I had the frets removed from and filled with woodpaste or whatever the filler stuff is called…

It’s got a nice lurking sound, short scale fits my hands better…

It’s great fun, and you will pick it up quickly if you’re already used to the unfretted lifestyle!


Ive had a series of Ashdown amps and they have been great. Not sure if you get them in the US though.
Pretty classic sound with a Fender Precision into it!
I’ve had an Ashdown 6x10 for years and it’s been great. Went for that as it’s a bit easier to get about than the 8x10.

I had an Ashdown bass amp for a bit (US based). Good, powerful solid state head but too clean for what I needed at the time.

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I’ve always rolled some of the high end off and used overdrive, so it’s worked for me. Solid and reliable.

I’ve been using my MusicMan HD130 for bass for about a decade now and I never want to use anything else. Underrated amp. But not a lot of headroom depending on venue/room size/PA setup.

Use it through a custom built 2x15. Round and articulate.

Also never liked Ampeg bass heads. Not sure how they and the 8x10 became industry standard and always frustrated by that backline when playing festivals n such.

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I play bass as an amateur and I only use software modelers, but for analog gear I’d definitely be looking into the Darkglass product range. For low weight, Darkglass offers everything from an analog preamp pedal with a digital cabinet simulator, all the way up to 8x10 cabs.

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I can’t be the only bass player here!

Reveal yourselves, my low-end comrades…

And while I’m at it, does anyone have anything to say about Markbass amps? I’m pondering one (CMD 102P) to replace my Trace Elliot, which is too heavy for me to lift comfortably…

I’ll be grateful for any insights!


me too - highly recommend the mark amps, but for smaller form factor heads might slightly prefer the aguilar ones. also i moved from being a guy who loads in a 4x10, 1x15 and an ampeg svt ii (the old 1200w one) to literally walking in with just my bass and a REDDI box. never going back lol


Played bass for many years… sold my beloved 78 fender p-bass because my focus had totally shifted to keys, synths and other electronic devices and a good friend needed one. I‘d really like to get back into bass playing and I‘m considering a short scale due to my tiny hands.

Edit: can totally vouch for the REDDI!


I thought I had talked bass here before… found it:


I play the bass and guitar, but I have some space constraints that keeps my bass amp in storage.

The REDDI box might be a good fit for me, do you only use it with your bass or is it also a good fit for other instruments?

Also your show in San Diego on the 11th was fantastic!

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My bad for not looking for that thread.

Mods - feel free to consolidate threads.

yeah i love it on just about everything, kinda $$$ but if you’re looking for a tube DI it’s a great one.


Wow, definitely pricey but the reviews on Sweetwater are impressive!