Bastl Thyme

I’m kind of fascinated by this small fx box. It feels more of an instrument of its own with its own ethos. Here is a short example of internal modulation


I recently ordered a Thyme! Should be here this weekend. The sounds I’ve heard have been wonderful! can’t wait to dive in.


Whatever I was expecting to hear, that wasn’t it. Cool stuff. :slight_smile:


I love my Thyme! Most demos out there focus on glitchy sounds, which led to me not being sure if it’s for me, but it’s a beautiful ambient machine, too. My OP-1 and Thyme have become best friends and are my goto-minimal-travel setup. I agree that it feels more like an instrument of its own – so many possibilities! And I haven’t even touched the sequencer.


that was the impression that I got as well. Would be curious to hear what you’re doing with it :slight_smile:

I haven’t recorded that much with this setup, but here’s something from a few weeks ago:


nice and moody. lovely vibe on this

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wow, this sounds great. nice track!

were you using any of the op-1’s effects or is that pretty dry into the thyme?

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I only used the OP-1’s Nitro filter to shape the sound, everything else is the Thyme.

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I haven’t had a chance to play around much with the Thyme yet, but this inspired me to focus on it. Beautifully done.


Thanks! @Rhialto @rbxbx @t3h

BTW, enabling stereo for the robot modulations creates a beautiful stereo image. It alternates between left and right with every LFO cycle. On the track above I used it on the coarse parameter with the gapped triangle waveform (the 3rd waveform).


My cat shot across the room like an arrow when I started playing this. (And stayed to watch the whole thing.)


Your cat has a great taste in music! :grin:


Both my cats were interested at first, and the younger one also ran across from what he was doing when this first started playing. Then they got used to it and only occasionally cocked an ear in the general direction of the sounds.

Nice piece too.

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I’ve had my Thyme for a few months, and I still really love it. I haven’t been able to do as much with it lately as I’d like, so this is an example from a while ago. Testing and feeling out the way feedback levels feel.

Thyme team: I’ve had mine for about a week and while I’m enjoying it I don’t think I’ve cracked it yet and really started to make it sing. I know there is greatness to be found here somewhere. Who has some tips and tricks?

edit: Appending my own. Going into hifi mode definitely made it easier for me to reason with the sound (hold Fn and wiggle the tape speed pot)


I got one last week and finally tried it out yesterday. I haven’t tried the sequencer at the moment but it’s an amazing box already. I made a little video on Instagram TV with some random modulations and resonations (is that a word?).


Hey :slight_smile: I’ve had my Thyme since last year and love it. Made a video about what I like specifically here:

… and a video on how to use to looper:

In fact, since I figured out the looper, I’ve been using it for those duties almost exlclusively. It’s so easy and fun with that freeze button and the various tape heads and controls.

This is a simple ambient looper jam with the Linnstrument controller and MicroMonsta synth:

And here is the Thyme in a no-input feedback loop with the Moore Ocean Machine (which is also a cool effect) to create eerie space sounds:


I thought for a while that I had wiped all my saved Sounds with a misplaced pervulsion of the Fn button - then I realised today that I had merely switched to another bank of blank Sounds without noticing. Phew.


Quite interested in Thyme for the functions it’s offers, definitely my kind of thing. From what i’ve heard on videos though the sound of it hasn’t blown me away, it seems a bit thin and flat. I’d be interested in opinions on the timbral qualities, or unique characteristics of the sounds you can get out of it?