Battery powered router

Not sure where to post.

I want to develop for Norns on the go, but can’t get hotspot to work. Wondered about a battery powered router. Anyone know of and got experience with one that will create a local WiFi network that doesn’t throw errors when no internet connection exists?


If you’re comfortable using vim, you can get a serial console via USB.

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Are you having trouble making a hotspot from norns? If so, maybe try making a hotspot directly from your laptop, or from a phone and then having both the norns and development machine join it.

Some 3G routers don’t have an internal battery but can be powered via 5V from a USB port. There are also things like this, which I’ve not tried myself but could be a nice traveling companion for something like norns:

(Disclaimer: I do not own a norns so please ignore if this is irrelevant due to a misunderstanding)

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I don’t like vim.

I know I should, but I like VS Code. I did get SSH over USB working which is very cool, and I do like the idea of not having to copy paste code into maiden.

I’m going to explore SSH ing directly from VS Code. In the meantime I will…

… buy and test out something like @barnaby shared. And report back.

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I got a Rav Power cheap on eBay and it works perfectly. Keeps the norns charged while creating a network. Perfect.

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Good to hear it worked out! Maybe add it to the friends of norns thread?