also the final after party… @ grand hotel, will include room trashing, and liberal helpings of kimchi. we won’t be there but feel free to indulge!

Terrific little show tonight set in a womb-like venue with could-not-count-how-many loudspeakers (Audiorama) in the middle of Stockholm.

Not sure what to expect I honestly was a wee bit worried about this being a long-winded artsy performance but not the case at all. Tonight was live and direct with juggling-induced hold-yer-breath presence from beginning to end.

Nice conversation too. I’m really looking forward to what future brings!



opening night:

averroes i-iii:


color tv:

composition vs. improvisation:

rhythm + melody:

children’s show:

the flying mitten:

klubi tampere:

helsinki workshop:

helsinki show:

third space:

4000 years of juggling:

street show:

ejc almere:

jam demo:

stockholm workshop:



there are also other photos up on my instagram feed, and i’ll be adding video there shortly… www.instagram.com/instantjuggler


all of these are so good! man, the challenges of performing shows outside, in daytime, with the sun making it hard to see screens and juggled objects…wind, ambient noise, heat…not the usual controlled interior environment. congrats to all of you for completing this tour. i am looking forward to video clips of amazing kinetic and musical feats. thanks for sharing!


Ha! I managed to appear in 2 out of the 3 photos from Helsinki - result!

Great talk and performance - to hell with VJs and looped video, everyone should perform with a juggler! :wink:


ooh how do you like those minirig pairs?
where did you get the subwoofers from?
these all look great

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the minirigs are generally fine for rehearsal and such. the subwoofer is part of their 2.1 system. but in general i still need a better speaker, i find them the lesser of all evils in one way when considering price point, battery life, and portability, etc.

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here are some clips from brian’s solo set at meidän festivaali. this includes some rehearsal sessions with festival organizer pekka kuusisto who joined brian onstage for the last part of his concert. this chamber music festival takes place in järvenpää, finland, each summer.


Love this!
tehn and Pekka!

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