a keyboard based softcut sample mangler for norns

Inspired by the flashcrash events and imagining how teletype works without really knowing, I’ve been working on a script for norns to make some of the softcut library available with just a norns and keyboard.

I’ll hopefully be adding more commands over time. I’m thinking of things like LFOs & using one voice as a delay effect but let me know if you have ideas.

Thanks to @Helen for the name


  • norns
  • a keyboard
  • some samples


The video above should give a good introduction but i’m trying to keep the documentation up to date on github with a full list of commands.



What an amazing sight! :keyboard:

Will take it out for a spin at the (upcoming 3-day) weekend.

Thank you!

Edit: Is there a maximum sample length/buffer size?

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Oh very droll! (Typed at 20 characters per minute.)


20cpm??? I’ve got some practising to do!


Ohhh @sixolet this doesn’t look too far off from your Phonotype idea :smiley:


softcut has a limit of just under 6 minutes…so 5.5 minutes to be safe

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it was almost called Mavis :slight_smile:


Hm. Suppose I’ll have to get my keyboard from the box in the basement, then.

this is so cool. really awesome work.


Yeah! PHONOTYPE will be aimed at supercollider like this is aimed at soft cut but I’ll check this out for influence.


Very, very cool and nicely documented! I’m excited to see how this script develops over time.

Some ideas for additional commands/integrations that immediately came to mind are:


This looks great! Looking forward to trying this.

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Should be pretty simple to switch out the softcut stuff for something else if you want to reuse the keyboard code. Let me know if you need any help.

great work thx for sharing, do you think adding an input grabber instead of loading samples is hard to make?


I’ve updated with a ‘rec’ command. Let me know what you think.

You need to set a buffer for a voice (e.g. “voice 1 1”) and then “rec 1” to start recording and the same command to stop. Recording starts that the voice’s start point and the end point gets updated to where you stop recording. This means you can have several voices using different areas/recordings on the same buffer.

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many thanks I’m just waiting to try it, now i’ve tried to update it but with no result, can you explain me how to update the script for adding the recording mode?

You might be able to update it from the list of installed scripts in maiden - not sure if that works for ones added with the install command. Otherwise you would need to delete it and run the install command again.

I’ll get it added to the maiden catalog so it can be managed a bit more easily.

This is cool :slight_smile:

Maybe i’m doing something wrong but the loop function doesn’t seem to work for me. It just plays once and then stops. The syntax is just loop n where n is the voice to use, right?

If you haven’t set a range for the voice it will loop the full length of the buffer (5+ mins). Try setting a range and then loop.

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Ah! That’ll be it! thanks :slight_smile: