BEAP without launchpad

so i got the launchpad working as serialosc device in beap, but i’m trying to build a big installation on a wall in a special school - large 64 monome. i have a grid of buttons nearly completed with an arduino and i can use a midi library to send out note info for the buttons/lights back. but how do i get it to work in beap with serialosc. what process do i have to go through to add a series of midi notes as a serialosc object?

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serialosc is an OpenSoundControl (osc) library. You might want to look into using OSC rather than MIDI.

interesting, had no idea beap does launchpad to serialosc conversion…

map the notes of your midi controller to the same notes as needed on the launchpad for the serialosc device and use that?

Launchpad is midi. It’s easier for the arduino library.

Yeah will try the same notes first. Is there another way to do without the launchpad object?

You could use the serialosc object?

I’m really confused. Are you trying to use launchpad or monome semantics?

Neither. I’m asking if there’s another way.

What’s the process for building an OSC object?

As far as I understand, you want to interface beap with your arduino installation?
If so, you can access the arduino directly via max. I can’t see a reason why you should send the data via midi (and then translate it back via the arduino library) when you can directly talk to the digital i/o of the board.

Cool. So what’s the process for doing that?

I was under the impression you wanted to use monome (serialosc) apps with your custom midi controller… if so, my above suggested approach should be the easiest. no need to reinvent the wheel . serialosc isn’t so accessible for non monome devices. if I misunderstood, please ignore :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: if all you want to do is interfacing with the launchpad in BEAP, skip serialosc and use midi directly

Incase I understood you right and you want neither use the monome nor the launchpad but build a controller yourself using arduino as the platform: here is a good explanation on how to interface max and arduino:

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