Beat Cypher/Rhythm Roulettes-who on here does this?

I love doing this!

This is a description of how we do it over here…

Location: Record store, once a month.

The Ritual: blind select three LPs from the cheapo crate. You have 10minutes to listen/record your samples.This is done in public so every1 hears your picks. If by chance you picked 3 non beat records, you get to use the one breaks/beats record to build. You have 4hours to build your beat.
Use any ITB effect you have in your box but no additional samples that may lay around.
No restriction on Worktools - we had MPCs, SP1200s, Deluges, Ableton, Blackboxes, everything. No restrictions on Styles-its NOT about Hiphop its about the process! After 4 hours you get to present your beat. No one has to, if you’re insecure about your dope…

Benefit: lots of love from newcomers. We always have a huge exchange on our tools and practices. The game definitely gets stepped to a next level when all of a sudden local Superstars of the genre step in. Ppl of all ages and genders can have a lazy creative saturday afternoon. We have a 9 year old boy on his his fathers laptop that gets better each session. A female producer that pushed herself to finally show her beat at the end-yes it was a hefty tekkno/distortion/destroyer made out of some gilbert o sullivan crap. The old cats teach the new generation about samples or machines. You can even bring the beat you produced at home and have everybody listen, get feedback.

Additional Niceness: cookies, beer, discussions, exchange and a very talented Photographer that captures everything for insta. We even have regular visitors that just come to listen at the end. A couple of legendary beatmakers from another period that just hang out and need convincing to participate-this 1 guy comes since day 1 and says ‚cool, no1 knows me here‘ aw common bring your MPC man =)

Basically a very good experience for everybodys psyche. And hugely successful for the record store.

Share your experiences, we‘re looking for new ideas to step our game up! Its all about sampling!


Yeah we always do and we also always invite djs to show scratchingskills…sometimes they turn up, most of the time they don‘t. It actually evolved from something very hiphop to quite an open exchange of ideas and ppl.

pretty sure I’ve recommended this minidoc here before, but just in case I haven’t

basically what you described above, featuring
Ras G (rip)



I’ve never participated before, it seems fun. Maybe this would be a good prompt for a forthcoming LCRP?


So tonight we had Lexx come participate - he made 3 skits. One of them a House Piano Routine made out of super cheesy Best of Cheapos-he clearly had the worst picks. Lexx is an internationally renowned Producer/Dj. We did not invite him, he came by word of mouth. Somebody drew Elvis and flipped a very dope guitarriff from that. I drew some Chicago and made a classic loop, when i would otherwise have made my super fragmented microsamplestyles. I gave an Ableton crash course for a rookie, we all had fun…

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Yeah why not…although the actual magic happens in the 10minutes of hearing/sampling your source for the first time. We decided to never upload our skits to Soundcloud or whatever…and of course its nice as a visual documentary.