Beats is Life Coalition

My first release of the year is a contribution in coalition to this project:

Some notes on my track:

It’s self-sampling from my recordings Pulse and Stone (Stone was the electro material from my set of the NYE Lines Community Stream :slight_smile: and releases publicly maybe February or March, in my subscribers bandcamp now).

Making use of the new Quick Sampler/Drum Machine Designer in Logic Pro, played with the Sensel music production overlay.

A little bit of filtering etc which is pretty obvious when people listen for it, some choppity chop, then out through my usual outboard/summing including some subtle delay in moments courtesy Moog 500 Delay.

I’m pretty new to the beat tape thing and have taken a lot of inspiration from members here at Lines and elsewhere and am happy to have something out on day one of this year. :slight_smile:


@Gahlord you are a part of so many amazing projects. this one is no exception, love it