Beatstep Pro troubleshooting with MMC/MIDI beat clock

If anybody happens to have a Beatstep Pro (not the Beatstep, it won’t do the same thing) handy, could you do a very quick little test for me? You’ll need Max (the free version is suitable, as is Max for Live, but it’s best not to run this with a DAW open - nothing dangerous will happen but it might confuse the DAW), and a MIDI Monitor (I use this one:

Turn on the Beatstep Pro and connect it via either MIDI DIN or USB to your computer (the order is unimportant for this purpose).
Put the Beatstep Pro in the appropriate sync mode (e.g. USB if it’s connected by USB, MIDI otherwise).
Open the MIDI Monitor, and ensure that it sees MIDI both going TO and FROM the Beatstep Pro.
Make a Max Patch with a MIDIOUT and a message box containing “250” (the decimal number, not the string with quotes) linked to the input.
Select the MIDI port corresponding to your Beatstep Pro on the MIDIOUT object.
Send the “250” byte out the port by triggering the message.

Copy/paste the MIDI traffic response here. I won’t spoil the expectation of the results, just want to see what others get. Please include the firmware version of your Beatstep Pro, too.

This would really help me troubleshoot an issue that I think may be a bug in their firmware, or it may be a very strange physical defect in my own unit.