Bees: renaming a scene

I want to edit the name of a scene. I put a new name in and there are trailing ‘-’ or ‘_’ characters. I would like to remove these characters before I store the scene name. Is this possible?

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I would imagine this might be a bug in bees, but unsure. If it’s not possible to remove characters, how do I reset the character buffer in the name editing space to be “cleared”, aka NULL?


yeah. that’s a bit of a pain.
you can edit the names afterwards on a computer to clean them up :slight_smile:

Lats time (yesterday) when I edited a scene name on my laptop and then later tried to save a new edited version on the aleph it created a second mysterious scene that reverted to the old name ¯_(ツ)_/¯

the suggestion of editing via drive mount is great - thanks.