Beets 1.1.1

Would be indeed totaly awesome addition.
I would suggest something more off the traditional samplers widh usualy sounded kinda stepped and aliaised even if that had its charme and would think, sth like count to 5 mode 1, where you are able to stretch time (pitch) independently from tempo, unstepped (varispeed) this allows for extremely complex fiddles.
Also please dont forget the 64crew on grid recognition:)

Another idea, that would make me personaly very happy, would be a off-clock mode, for unquantized playing around on the grid.

Awesome ideas, thank you! And for sure I’ll retain 64-grid compatibility. My current grid UI is just 8x8 and I put two copies side by side for controlling two voices on 128 grids.


Some experiments with timestretching: using granular slices, and also via a pre-calculated transient table made with Aubio on a Mac


To celebrate the launch of the new global clock system, which gives superpowers to a script like this, I’m releasing version 1.0 with grid UI and some nice new features. Top post updated!


@mattbiddulph I’m having a similar issue here. How do I access/load these loops?
I’m currently on the newest version of Norns & Beets. Thanks!

Assuming you have some WAV files containing one-bar loops (e.g. drum loops) then you need to put them in folders in a folder called beets under the audio top level Norns dust folder. For example, I have a folder called dnb containing four drum and bass loops.

You should be able to use a computer to follow these standard Norns instructions to create the beets folder and copy files into it using the wifi network:

When Beets loads, it scans dust/audio/beets for folders and uses that to build the ‘load loops’ menu item. You may need to reload the script after copying files over.

Let me know if this helps or if it’s still not clear!


I was under the impression this folder was created and a loop was included in the install. I get it now!! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s good to know that wasn’t clear. I wonder if I should have it auto-create the directory and include some public-domain drum loop in the download so that people can try it out immediately.


that would be rad!!!

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Happy to contribute some loops! Dm me if you’d like some stuff :slight_smile:


^ doooo iiiiiit. @vcvcvc_val’s tunes are the fantastic!! ^


me and @vcvcvc_val are cooking up some loops. in the meanwhile, I’ve made a small update that auto-creates the beets audio directory and copies a basic Amen loop in there to play with.


This is really cool after getting some loops loaded into the folder. Tempo control from the main interface would be a nice addition or potentially in increments from some of the unused grid buttons maybe. Also would be extremely cool for each loop that is loaded to retain each of their commands. Nice work. Also not sure if this is a system type bug/issue but when I was running the script and told Norns to change the grid orientation, it left all the led lights still lit at the old rotation.


Thanks for the bug report (now fixed in the latest code commit) and some good suggestions. Interesting thought about making the settings retained per-loop… the main reason that they’re global across loops right now is to preserve the possibility of controlling it entirely through params (and hence using MIDI controller mapping) for those without a Grid.


20 characters of great 1.0!

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Just loaded a couple of one bar loops, and it seems like now beat 1 of the loop is on step 8 of the top row. Do I need to somehow set where beat 1 is for loaded loops? I also plugged my arc in and see that encoders 1 and 2 have a sort of time division thing going on, but only as a display. Is this intended? Made me think of how cool it would be to maybe have filter and cutoff of each loop on an arc knob…

Edit: I should note that everything is happening at the correct timing in terms of when the loop restarts on the one, but the one visually is pad 8 in the top row.

That is odd, and definitely not expected behavior. The code should load each loop and fit it to the current BPM starting at beat 1 no matter what. Would you be able to message me one of the loop files you’re using, just in case I missed something in the file loading code?

My selfish reason for suggesting settings per loop is probably because my first use case was taking a 4 bar loop and chopping it into 4 pieces and then loading it into beets. It was fun playing around with it like this

As for Arc, I just got my Arc a week ago and I’m figuring out how to incorporate it. I threw in a quick visualizer to see how it feels, and I also thought about just plugging in Arcify so you can make your own param mappings. Something for a future release.


finally getting a chance to try out this script…

think i need a little help.

all i get is a display message that says LOAD LOOPS IN PARAMETERS

when i go to Param page…

i see the Loops folder and next to it is the 5th loop i have in the folder.
if i highlight that and hit Button 3 nothing happens.

if i highlight Load loops…a little square blinks

if i go back to the script main page i just get the LOAD LOOPS IN PARAMETERS message.

i’m on the latest OS and i even uninstalled and re-installed Beets as well as a restart from SLEEP…

oh yeah…
the GRID does not activate but the first two knobs of ARC do…one moving in blocks and the other just sits there.