Befaco bananuts

How do you use yours? aesthetic? logic? readability?


I approve of the name of this thread.

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I’m probably dense and missing the obvious. What does each color mean on the CM & JF?

I ordered some of these a couple days ago! @madeinspace, are the outputs on coldmac red or orange?

Nothing else than readability for me, run input on the JF and outputs on the CM

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Red, I might sprinkle some more on the Mangrove and Sisters because it’s actually really nice against the panel :slight_smile:

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For now, logically. As with most things in my rack, this will probably change.


I have mixed feelings about these. It’s a clever idea, but it can also make some modules seem visually more crowded… and it won’t work with a few brands that have nonstandard jack nuts (like Orthogonal Devices, Rabid Elephant, Expert Sleepers).

I can’t decide if it’s worth the cost and effort to put them on everything where they will fit, vs. whether they’d be nice to mark just a few jacks where extra visual clarity is called for, vs. just leave it alone.


Some ideas for color schemes here:


I finally got just a few Bananuts, to clarify something that kept confusing me on the Mimeophon:

Red = output, here. Because I kept plugging external clocks into Mimeophon’s clock output since I don’t find the iconography very clear on those two.

The “white” Bananuts are silver, so I felt a little bit silly replacing silver hex nuts with silver round nuts.

I think the red on black looks really sharp, and if I didn’t have so much stuff that used other types of jacks – as well as the R*S Serge VCFQ with a different color standard (that kinda doesn’t make sense in Euro) – I’d consider putting them on everything.