Befaco VCMC / i2c Development

You may find now on the Test branch of VCMC GitHub ( the binaries and for the bravest the source code for I2C support.

It is currently a WIP but we would like to get feedback from users connecting to different platforms.

We are trying to keep as much compatibility with Teletype source code as possible to make new integrations as easy as possible, so kudos and credits to the Teletype Team!

The current implementation is only for leader mode with support tested only on Just Friends but on theory supporting the following devices:
disting ex

For each of these devices, most of the Teletype commands are implemented but not debugged.

To configure the module for I2C you have two options:

  1. Go to main configuration menu (long press on encoder) and select a follower device. This should set the default implementation for the device on gates, CVs and sliders.
    Currently there is implementation for default configurations on ER-301, Just Friends and TelexO
  2. Go to the VCMC configuration for each individual port (Gate/CV/Slider) and select I2C Device, Command and Channel. This should provides tons of customization for the user.

There isn’t support yet for Saving the I2C parameters to EEPROM, so your configuration will be lost when the module is reset.

After installation of the this firmware, you may need to go through calibration procedure.

So have fun and let me know your suggestion/issues.
Thanks a lot!


ParanormalPatroler This might be of your interest :slight_smile:

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It definitely is and maybe @scanner_darkly (who is an amazing source of information, inspiration, and code work on Teletype) would be interested to know there’s a follower option coming, which would allow the Teletype to control the VCMC. Right?

Unfortunately I have none of the follower modules to test but I’m going to jump on the bandwagon as soon as Teletype is an option. No pressure, I’m patient.

@scanner_darkly does the VCMC need to be in follower mode to send data to Teletype that Teletype can the parse in one way or another? I assume yes. And I also assume there’s no way to take advantage of the MIDI ops until there’s a follower option for the VCMC, right?

You’re all amazing by the way!

yes, in order for teletype to be able to read VCMC faders / button states via i2cv the VCMC would need to be in the follower mode. since there are 16 values in total i would suggest emulating 16n faderbank, then you could simply use the existing faderbank ops.

no, the midi in ops don’t use i2c, you need to connect VCMC USB MIDI to the USB port on teletype (assuming it’s compatible with teletype MIDI implementation, sounds like it is).

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Is there any compiled HEX file with the I2C functions enabled?

There is an hex on the folder bin Test branch from Github repository,

Yes, I’ve installed the .hex from the BIN folder, but inside the VCMC I can not find the I2C config …

I have updated the binary because some users have reported issues with the previous version.
Please update with the new version, and on the configuration for CV, Fader or Gate there is a menu that allows to configure each input to send a different I2C message.

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