Befaco VCMC Source code available!

Hi everyone!
This is our first message in this board, so it needed to be SOMETHING!
We have released (after a year of ups and downs) source code for our VCMC module!
You can take a look in our github.
The code is for the new 1.1 version and has plenty of new features and improvements from v1.

Also there is a development branch where we will be working in the future features. Right now the new thing will be i2c :slight_smile:
Feel free to take a look and let us know what you think!!


VCMC module has been released under CC-SA-NC. with an added DBAJ (Don’t be a jerk)
The intention for the code is to license it the same way, but considering we are using third party libraries, we will need to stick to the DBAJ part :slight_smile:


This is great! Will VC Thing be open sourced as well?

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The code is valid for both!!
Need to comment a couple of defines and its good to go!


My dream is to connect my VCMC to ES-9 with no cables. If Os can update firmware to allow MIDI control of the mixer I think it would be a great pairing. Is that possible

i2c sounds exciting :slight_smile: I can see this be a good teletype companion.

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Vamos befaco! Saludos


I’ve been eyeing one of these modules to use in my video synth rig
this is a really cool gesture!

Cheers, Befaco, Just a comment that I love your modules. I have an ARRADIO and listen to it every day and love the build quality on all your products. Regards on this next endeavor.

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ARRADIO isn’t technically a Befaco module. The panel was obviously “inspired” by a previous generation of Befaco modules, though, and I think the designer had some help from Befaco, too.

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Hey @toneburst - you’re absolutely right to point that out. I just think of Befaco whenever I turn on an ARRADIO, as the logo is Befaco based and there’s a lot of “thanks to Befaco for their support” on the website. I think I was just casually conflating when I wrote that post.

I should have mentioned an appreciation for the Muxlicer. Let me correct that here. Viva Muxlicer!

Firmware v1.2 is out and stable!
Fing source code and compiled binaries in our github!

  • New Polyphonic mode added.
  • Changed save structure. Now there are four save spaces available.
  • 14 bit CC implemented.
  • Web configurer available here.
  • i2C communication implemented (still in process)

Any way of connecting to a MIDI capable device like the ES-9 with or without i2c?

Depends on ES-9 implementation :slight_smile:

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From their manual:

So ES-9 has MIDI port in order to act as a MIDI interface. Then yes, you can send MIDI from VCMC to ES-9 using that port and then ES-9 will send it to the external world.
This will save you one USB port in your computer :slight_smile:


Thank you for the additional save slots!
Excited to see where i2c implementation goes :slight_smile:

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imparables befaqueros!

Ohhhh @Befaco ! Does this mean that all the incoming gates and CV’s could be translated to I2C language, to be listen by Teletype, ER301 or Just Friends? And also the fader values? And if so, … WHEEEEEEN! :grinning:

Esto de los módulos que van mejorando sólo con actualizaciones de firmware es una pasada! Bien hecho chavales!

@Cromatica45 Yep! The first implementation will be VCMC/CV Thing as Leaders to send information to followers.
Right now there is an untested code that will be communicating with Just friends. Next step will be to implement other devices and then the follower mode to translate i2c to MIDI.
When? eeem soon? :stuck_out_tongue: