Befaco Workshop at Somerset House (London) - 19-20 May

This might be of interest to some London/SE UK folk:

Plenty of stuff to choose from. I’ll be there building a Befaco mixer or A*B+C. Would be lovely to meet some lines people!


I’d really recommend this to people who can make it. I went to their workshops in Japan last year. The Befaco people are super nice, and it’s always nice to ask someone if you were about to solder something in backwards!

I really want to go - but am out of London that weekend. Does anyone know how regularly these workups are run?

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I’d actually be keen to give this a go, been thinking of learning to solder for ages!

Looking at the modules could I then be able to assemble a Spring Reverb plus some form of power supply…if so what would I need?

I don’t use any euro rack currently (just a few banana instruments) hence the reason for asking about power.

befaco do a powered 98hp skiff, or alternatively a power module if you have a rack.
The powered skiff is not difficult to put together, but if it’s your first time soldering the spring reverb will probably take up most of your time (it’s not too difficult a build though).

I think the skiff is available to build in the workshop!

You could also probably build the spring reverb with banana jacks, if you asked Befaco in advance. The PCBs have footprints for both.