Behringer Neutron stuck in calibration mode

Some minutes ago I reconnected my Behringer Neutron to my studio setup but after I powered it on it got stuck in calibration mode, exactly as shown in this youtube video:
I disconnected all cords except the power cord but no change, still stuck on power on. The Neutron definitely worked 2 weeks ago when I used it the last time.

Has anybody experienced the same issue with the Neutron, if so is there any (simple¹) way to fix this?

¹: I have soldering equipment at hand but if this is required I would rather make use of the product warranty :relaxed:

The video I linked above also contained the reset procedure in the description :man_facepalming: (who reads YouTube video descriptions?):

Here’s a copy if the video gets taken down or whatever:

Factory reset procedure:

Factory reset procedure: While pressing the buttons and hold down “OSC SYNC” + “PARAPHONIC” + “KEY TRK”, Power on the Neutron.
Release buttons “OSC SYNC” + “PARAPHONIC” + “KEY TRK”, The 5x LFO LEDs should display a pulsating pattern.
Pot calibration: While all 5x LFO LEDs are pulsating than turn the

  • OSC1 SHAPE pot fully to LEFT
  • OSC2 SHAPE pot fully to LEFT RIGHT (this was wrong in the description)
  • LFO SHAPE pot fully to RIGHT
  • LFO RATE pot fully to RIGHT
  • PORTA TIME pot fully to RIGHT

When this is done press VCF “MODE” + LFO “KEY SYNC” simultaneously.
Neutron will restart.

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There seems to be a problem with the factory reset that is that your synthesizer will behave a little bit different every time you do a factory reset and, at least for some, the LFO controls are slightly off afterwards. The original instructions for the factory reset procedure came out of the music-tribe (Behringer) forum where I asked in the thread if there is some way to recalibrate the LFO controls again.

Can you help me with the firmware update is not recognized the driver

IIRC you’ve to install some kind of special USB Driver, at least on Windows 10 (zadig USB driver).