Benelux/Germany/adjacent fall gig help? [was Festivals / venues / etc help in Europe?]

Hi friends.

I’m looking at trying to take a trip to Europe to play for the first time later this year (September/October maybe?)

I know I’d like to make it to Berlin, but otherwise geographically open at this point.

Does anybody here have any recommendations for venues, festivals, etc., or anybody here who might be interested in playing a gig or a few together…?

I do ambient/experimental/noise-adjacent stuff, this is me:

where about in Europe? What type of music?

Edited original post. Still pretty flexible so far, just getting started.

And ambient/experimental/noise adjacent, I guess?

Singing up for this thread to get tips!

Also just dropping the venue list wiki in here as well!

If you end up thinking about coming to Norway hit me up! You can play at Café Mir.


Yes! Have already consulted (and contributed to) the venue wiki. The series that I host here in Erie, PA (US) is on there, and anyone seeing this is welcome. :slight_smile:

Norway is a definite consideration! Will PM you.

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Bumping this post now that plans are (maybe) beginning to shape up.

It’s looking like a loop from Amsterdam to Berlin and maybe Prague and back, end of September/beginning of October.

Anyone here in/near these areas who might be able/interested in helping set up a gig, playing together, collaborating, or even just any venue / promoter etc recommendations?