Benjamin Mauch, n-So, Rawls, Scott Burton (Ritual Magick)

I have couple of shows coming up in Richmond VA and Greenville NC if anyone is around! Performing live with my tape player and modular- would love to see anyone at a show! Other lines performers include @n-So and @scotttburton :slight_smile:

March 23rd @ 7:30 pm at the Round House in Byrd Park Richmond VA ($5 suggested donation)
Benjamin Mauch (RVA) -
Scott Burton (Ritual Magick, RVA) -

March 24th @ 5:00 pm - Cosmic Spazz Fest 2019 at the Trollingwood Tap Room in Greenville NC (Other performers include Housefire, Secret Boyfriend, Bryce Eiman, Honeybrandy)

March 29th @ 9:00 pm - Ambient Night at the Inside Joke in Richmond VA (House show, message me for the address)
Benjamin Mauch (RVA) -
n-So (PA) -
Rawls (Harrisonburg VA) -
Thumpr (RVA) -


I’m really stoked on this show and it would be great to see any other lines members—are there any more in Richmond?

I’ll be performing material that was greatly informed by the great feedback I got in this thread!


i live in richmond and there’s at least one other person I know here, but I don’t want to out them without their consent.