I have had a Macumbista, a MQ Wingie (Blippoo FW), and now a peterlin. In my opinion, the star of the benjolin or blippoo is the complex modulation source, the rungler! Well I guess the rungler and how it interacts/feedsback with the osc/filter to create complex rhythms and tones. That does it for me.


how do you compare them on sound variety/character?

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Well they’re all different. They all can do the filter pinging sounds to beep-boops to total liquid noise. Not sure if I can describe the sound of each sufficiently. The wingie is best bang for the buck as it has midi and presets and is all digital (besides being a blippoo take instead of a benjolin). The analog ones have great sounding filters and seem more grungy.


I’m really enjoying blippoo on norns, it feels quite Benjolinish. I’m looking forward to getting a Wingie as well…

That would make a great little team :sunglasses:


Great questions. To add to the previous answers, for me the genious in this instrument is in its simplicity. For abstract electronics and for people who prefer to play live using gestures the Benjolin is a treasure to behold. Usually for this kind of variety in sounds you’ll need a full 6U system and a very skillful performer to achieve. But one can do this in a more direct way with the Benjolin and still have opportunities to add more elements with other instruments.


Ordered a Macumbista Benjolin V5 instead of the Ciat-Lonbarde. Derek Holzer is doing a limited run and might have a few more build slots if anyone is interested.


Good to know, I’ve wanted one of his Soundboxes for years but he’d stopped building them.

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I just ordered one too, thanks for the info.

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You can build Soundboxes easily, he provides schematics and it’s only ten components or so :slight_smile:
I made 5 or 6 of them for an improvisation workshop with kids, i really love to play with them since.


Me too, but I did also get the Peterlin as well, instead of going for the butterfly version. The Peterlin sounds quite different, at least from my Epoch Benjolin and I’m excited to use it next to the Macumbista which should be a more hands-on device. I should also research the compatibility of these two (banana) versions.


Same option for me, I had the opportunity to acquire a Butterfly Benjolin but finally Macumbista Benjolin + Peterlin will suit me better I think. Too bad however that very small Peterlin size.

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Yes indeed, too bad. But I was thinking to have the Peterlin running a cool patch and then play with the Macumbista.