I would love a wing pinger!!! Such a great blend of melody and chaos!

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Proud owner of a Tseng Kweiwen Benjolin here. Like @motorhead412, I would never sell mine either. Tickles the ear in an utterly viscous way. What I treasure about the Benjolin is this feeling that the circuit propulses outward from behind the panel unlike any other module I have played. That is to say, I feel that the circuit is touching me in a shockingly direct manner. Viscous and visceral.


This is what I wanted for years, thanks for sharing :heart:


As soon as it will sort out!!!

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These are masterpieces :heart:


Thanks khnshs!

Meant to include above - and concscious something of a cross post as did share in the drone thread - but this was some improv with a lot of runglers in play…!

2 single and 1 dual Benjolin, with a Blippoo for company…


Aaaah that Blippoo​:heart::heart::heart:

I have several benjolins. First I built a pair of them in 5U -

…and then a few years later I built a euro version -


Having never used an analogue benjolin, but recently had a lot of fun with the norns benjolis script, I’m curious to know how closely it resembles its analogue inspiration. It’s definitely piqued my benjolin interest! Has anyone used both?


what about a digital rungler together with a couple of analog vco / filter?

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Can’t wait to have norns and running B.
I’m very curious to do it together with the analog one

I don’t know if you care but I do have a benji for organelle


I saw there was a MW thread abouta pcb run that was done (and sold out) so I guess theres no easy way to DIY one of these designs right now.

The gerbers for mine are on github - just send them to allpcb or jlcpcb…

I do care a lot :smiley: where? How? :smiley:

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Thanks I might try it. Never done an smd build, lots of through hole stuff though- is it a suitable first project? what would you say the level of difficulty is?

Edit: its ok second look on git hub and a found the photos and it looks like a good one to try not cluttered at all

That’s cool, I hadn’t heard of the benjolin before. Reminds me of some metasonix machines.

Pretty easy - no small pitch ics, spaced out 0603 parts. Maybe the most tricky will be the electrolytics - some people find smt electrlytics tricky - but they are very easy once you get the technique.
Use good magnification - ideally a microscope, plenty of flux, fine solder and a decent soldering iron with a good sized tip (ie not a small one!)

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i have a diy eurorack rob hordijk benjolin (not the epoch one, the other) which i’ve fallen totally in love with.
while i think most of the times i prefer playing it on his own (with just effects added) i found out that integrating it with the rest of the system can lead to very cool stuff, especially if you use vco b square out as master clock for your whole system (i use it to clock makenoise tempi and then distribute divisions\multiplications around). the rungler output is great for chaos modulations as well as the xor out and all the individual outputs.
another thing i love is that given the huge range of the oscillators it can do very very different stuff! definitely not a one trick pony.
i was so in love with it that i decided to try to port it on the orthogonal devices er-301 platform, so i built a custom unit based on it, also thanks to michael hetrick rungler reaktor block that gave me insights on how to emulate the primitive 3 bit DAC in the rungler (i got the shift register thing on my own but couldn’t figure out the dac portion without some help).
if you have a 301 please check out my port, it’s called Bengiolino +

of course it doesn’t sound as the original given the digital nature of the 301 but the mechanism and the results are pretty close imho. and i had tons of fun (and headaches) in trying to implement it :slight_smile:

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Is it this one? Do you know if it is M compatible? cc: @Khnshs