Worth a try or could I damage something?

At worst it won’t work. Try it recklessly.

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Cool, thanks my friend

yes that one was created for organelle and yes it works on both M and #1


Derek Holzer made a great implementation of the Benjolin for Pure Data. It sounds awesome and it’s free, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet!


I’m just so in love with my Epoch Benjolin! I happily use it alone, as a modulation source, a clock source, et cetera. The lower output level on the filters outs is perfectly fine, a minor at the most. I definitely think the circuit/module is very capable. Particularly like the Chalk Group’s “Goat Rungling” EP, which makes lovely and varied use of the Hordijk circuits.
Here’s a video of my partner and I with a lot of indelicate use of the Benjolin:


yes that’s the one i used to make the rungler


Newly minted Runglist and Benjolin owner here.
What a tremendous array of sonic textures this circuitry can achieve. Excellent, cannot be happier.


Finished my Benjolin (@forestcaver version, +1hp)! This thing is really fun to play, like making music with an alien. My first build from gerbers and first custom panel, was a great learning experience.


That looks great ! (+extra characters)

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Love that faceplate, is it your design? I’d love to swap out mine for one like that!


Yes that’s a really cool front panel @forrest !

Yesterday I plugged my own Benjolin (A DIY one, I bought the PCB a couple of years ago on the Pusherman group) and realized one of the IC has probably fried, sadly it just emits a low rumble now… The output has always been really low, closer to line level than modular level but this time I think it’s dead…

Anyway, really great module, I will try the Norns version :slight_smile:


Yeah my design. I bought them from JLCPCB and have a few extra, happy to ship one to you if you cover shipping, DM me. They’re 1hp larger around the edges to it’s 17hp now instead of 16hp but fits the same otherwise.

I’ll give away 3 more of them if anyone has a forestcaver benjolin they want to re-panel, just cover cost of shipping, DM me if interested.

EDIT: all gone! I’ll post gerbers at some point, or make more…


is there a CPL file for this build? was gonna just have JLPCB do the SMT too, or is that not considered in the spirit of the project?

sorry to respond so late, but here’s a video (from the benjolis thread!) of an early version of benjolis jamming with/against a macumbista benjolin


There isn’t a pick n place file for this, no. I guess if you wanted to make one that would be in the spirit✌🏻

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Designed a double panel for my benjolins and it turned out pretty nice :slight_smile:


I just re-paneled and re-housed my benjoleen. I added CV and Audio inputs, all the outputs, LED drivers, and a CGS54 XOR/NOR logic board. I also scaled and amplified the triangle and rungler outputs to be positive voltage only (I just ran everything else through diodes) to make it all safe for CL and Lorre-mill gear. It feels good to have it finished after three years of not finishing it.


do you speak Dutch, Phil?

Anyone seen this?