Bentō Noise Box by Giorgio Sancristoforo

/ Bentō is a noise box inspired by the Japanoise scene.
An instrument for live improvisation and sound design with a distinctive, extremely warm and lively character.
You can create an analog fat wall of sound with its unpredictable oscillators, filters and feedback circuits. Record to magnetic tape and export your sounds or connect Bentō to your DAW using a virtual audio driver. Discover a world of organic, aggressive, unpredictable and warm noises. /

Has anyone seen this? It blew my mind. Everything about this makes me smile :slight_smile:


I did, but as it’s currently Mac only I’m waiting for the Windows version (to run via Wine on Linux) before I can try the demo. Id did download the Berna3 demo, but haven’t had much chance to try that out yet; both do look intriguing though.

I own it! I’ve been playing with it for hours a day. Tremendous sounds, lots of lovely growls and yelps. Has a mind of its own.


I was thinking of starting a new topic about this one because it looks like a really innovative instrument. I also thought that if someone can make this a hardware synth it’d be s big hit in the likes of Soma or even the more experimental side of Erica Synths or Make Noise.


Yes it really is innovative, yet simple and raw. Since yesterday, I didn’t touch anything else but this :slight_smile:

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Are you using a midi controller?

I saw this on CDM, and have been playing with it a bit to feed my Digitakt. Some very Atoms For Peace vibes. I desperately want an iPad version. For now, I’m adopting it as my spur to finally dig into TouchOSC and make a controller that way.


I’ve had it since it was released, and love it. If you’re into noise/sound design, it’s a great synth. I don’t get along with soft synths and they mostly frustrate me, but Bento is fun and simple. I’m not using it with a midi interface yet, and I’m not sure I will. The visual design and layout is outstanding and I’m not sure I want my focus on a generic midi controller. Dreaming of a custom Bento box midi controller, though–that would be something.

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I only have a Novation Launch Control with 16knobs, which I mapped some key things, but still I have to use a mouse.

It would be ideal to use this with something bigger with more knobs of course to achieve one-knob per function.

We can have some suggestions maybe and decide a perfect controller this :slight_smile:

Bastl’s 60knobs would be nice for example.

Maybe someone will actualize it, who knows?

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Maybe the XL is a better option? I will contact Giorgio to see if he recommends a midi controller.
EDIT: Giorgio says that any midi controller will do but he is using the Novation Launch Conttol XL which i was already planning to buy for other software as well so now I’m definitely sure.


I’ve shared few sound excerpts that I made with Bento on ig if someone wanna listen :ocean: :octopus:


I am thinking to upgrade from regular to XL. Maybe I will use them both together :slight_smile:

Yea, I feel this also, mostly I end up using only the mouse, staring into the screen.

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