Berlin Atonal 2021-09-25 to 2021-10-30

This year’s concept is Metabolic Rift. At Kraftwerk, 2-hour timeslots due to corona, and small tame animals are allowed.



not gonna front kind of a predictable line up. most names there have been repeated many times in the european experimental festval circle

Interesting, makes me want to go even more as i am a) not too far from Berlin, and b) don’t recognize any of these names except Vladislav Delay whose works I have enjoyed since the Chain Reaction times. Thanks!

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Ooof I need to go see Aho Ssan with KMRU. “Simulacrum” was an absolute groundbreaking album for me last year and KMRU’s “Peel” has been on heavy repeat this year while working from home.

Still bummed that I didn’t attend Berlin Atonal when I first learned about it in 2019, I’m really looking forward to hopefully get the full festival experience next year.

Edit: Just checked out the website and it seems to be an exhibition, not a concert series :disappointed:

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tbh reading those names again makes me lose a bit of interest. i’m trynna discover new things, but thats my personal take. i’m sure it will be a great show. atonal doesn’t miss…

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not going to go this time do the pandemic but the concept is very interesting. In recent years Atonal has already been a mix of musical performances, installation art, kinetic objects etc and this year they seem to take the step even further towards performance art. The event is called exhibition and this is what they have to say in facebook:

The exhibition operates as a sequenced series of site-specific interventions from leading international sound and visual artists, channeling an audience’s experience through organised time. Small groups enter previously unused spaces of the former powerplant to discover a choreographed succession of artistic assemblages.

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Live performances are now also announced! I already grabbed tickets for the night with Caterina Barbieri because I can’t miss out on that. Crazy to pass on Tim Hecker, but I can’t afford a third Berlin weekend in one month :see_no_evil: