Berlin meet up?

ah I would so much like to see jan jelinek live but I’m a day too late.
I’ll be around and attending some ctm/transmediale events too.

Oh damn! Been listening to S. Olbricht a lot recently. Wish I could come!

soooo any synth meet ups coming up???

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this coming saturday if people are about, doing one more a/v show at spektrum:

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@emiddio I’ll try to come. I am at Spektrum tomorrow because Frank Bretschneider (Raster Noton) is playing there with a dancer. Your event looks very interesting!

Big up

By the way: I am looking for someone to teach me Max especially for developing a performance setup with 128 grid and arc4. I would pay per hour and the price is negotiation. Anybody?

I would go to that as well and may in the spontaneously show up!

Time to call it a night!

My current trajectory has me at Superbooth on Thursday. Anyone else planning to attend?

Hope you’re all having a good time at Superbooth! I’m at Resonate in Belgrade. :slight_smile:

Anyone going here in two weeks? Line up looks very tasty!


this looks fantastic. definitely hoping to attend

I was there, not sure if you cam by our (intellijel) booth or not. Forgot to check this forum to see who was coming :slight_smile:

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back in berlin!!

will be at the syn/cussion event tonight and tomorrow - already bumped into @lijnenspel :slight_smile:

thomas ankersmit is tonight!!

Fans of Nonlinearcircuits in Berlin might want to check this out:

cellF includes Andrew’s work, and it involves actual living cell cultures as part of the circuit.

Andrew will be there as well.


tonight ambient sounds at klunkerkranich

sounds a bit like these ones:

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This sounds like it’ll be great. Unfortunately I’ve been sick in bed all weekend and won’t be able to make it out :frowning:

no worries, next time:) feel better!

hey berlin friends!

tomorrow there’s an interesting release of a super LP, some live coding action (algorave), a wall of amps, modular rigs and drones at Schrippe Hawaii.
I will be part of it performing on my 208hp.

Also, worth checking out the label behind this: bomemian drips

here is the event’s info:

there will nice dj afterwards, so we can hang out :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I’m visiting Berlin in mid-September and would like to meet you guys for a jam or plain chat. Monome meetup anyone?

Also planning to take a detour for Denmark and southern Sweden around that time, would be glad to connect with the local community too.


Hey Guys - we have a #berlinmodular community group running at spektrum DIY etc:

also we are now throwing parties at HUmboldthain club (first one was in april around superbooth)

Next one is friday!

All community based things! All for the love. Cheers.

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I’m into it. I’m vacation the first two weeks, but back around the 15th or so