(berlin) norns / habitus workshop [august 3-4 & 5-6 2023]

o dear ones!

two times we (dan derks and jonathan snyder) have been tickled beyond belief to deliver the norns/habitus workshop.

now we are tickled yet again to announce we are bringing the workshop to northern Europe. come join us to explore field recording and programing with norns. dwelling together, we will develop new habits of coding and musical practice through experimentation, research, and the exercise of daydreams. for the eu edition of the habitus workshop, we will be joined by @DuellingAnts and @infinitedigits who will be co-teaching with us.

we are scheduling two sets of workshops in Berlin at the studio of Jan Ubriks at the Funkhaus studio facility in the Köpenick district.

here are the signup forms for the two Berlin workshops:

August 3-4 (Thursday/Friday)

August 5-6 (Saturday/Sunday)

we can’t wait to see you in august! in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, in this thread or via DM.



London would be a dream…


Extraordinarily excited about this, and particularly that there’s a focus on the Nordics! Really hope that you’re able to do something up here :slight_smile:

(My dream would be around the Copenhagen area, and I’ve sent you a location suggestion by DM along those lines)


Totally wild! Stockholm venue on the D to the M


This is amazing! Berlin would be the closest to where I live, hence my vote. But wherever it will be, happy to see this coming to europe.


Living in Norway, but staying in Berlin for 5-6 of August, this is (maybe not) a tough call.


If you’re interested in Copenhagen, I could help connect with a few potential spots. Just sent a DM.


This is exciting! I will have to get my personal plane before then @jaseknighter :joy::crazy_face:


Oslo workshop would be a dream come true. Also, the 5th is my birthday, if that can swing the process of deciding where :wink:


What sort of requirements would you need for a place here in London?
A reasonable space with power?
I’d love to sort somewhere


yep, and preferably someone that would have us for free/relatively cheap


Woah, this is really great! I’m so happy this will be happening and to finally meet some of you in person. I’m from Ljubljana and we have some pretty nice venues for this sort of things, but I do realize it’s out of the way for most people. Would love to see it in London or Berlin.

Question; never been to a habitus workshop before. Would those that do not have any coding experience also find the workshops doable?


eeee!! so heartened by the responses so far – tons of energy building, thank you all!!

i’m not sure if participants from the prior sessions will be checking in on this thread (@alexroldan, no-expectation tag!), but yes, absolutely. habitus is built to work out your exploratory + imagination muscles, regardless of experience with code. the workshop employs a lot of starting points, from total beginner to very-advanced practices, so there’s something to dig into for everybody. we’ve also had participants with only ~24 hours of exposure to the norns ecosystem have (self-reported) very successful learning experiences with the whole of the workshop’s activities.



awww! this sounds wonderful! can’t wait until the location is set so I can get organizing


if one of the session spots is reachable by train for me i’ll try to be there.

i coincidentally just grabbed my first portable recorder (2nd hand) so the theme would be perfect!


chiming in! i had zero coding experience before the NY habitus workshop, and had a total blast. learned a ton from @dan_derks / @jaseknighter and the other participants. wrapped the weekend with a nice lil’ script i slightly modified from the class. yes, there were a bunch of times where i was just scratching my head on what was being taught, but dan and jonathan were great with “ELI5” concepts for a beginner like me. i’d wholeheartedly recommend it!


that sounds absolutely wonderful!making a norns script somewhere in my lifetime is on my bucket list, so I guess the workshop would al least give me some added push to pursue this goal. Thank you for chiming in!


just to clarify my own position in this, and maybe make it a little less scary signing up; I’m totally green when it comes to coding myself


excited! for stockholm, i think ems is a great place to contact if fylkingen is not available. if not, at least make sure to visit ems if you’re in stockholm (it’s in the same building as fylkingen).

edit: another great idea for stockholm – hägerstens medborgarhus. an incredible house run by amazing people truly dedicated to local community building. a big room like this in true folkhemmet-vibe is less than $200 rent for 4 hours on weekends.


Pitching places: Bergen in Norway could be a nice city to visit. We have BEK that could be a good place to host a workshop of this kind.

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