BESPOKE: A free modular DAW for Mac, Windows, and Linux

This was recently announced by Ryan Challinor (@ awwbees) on Twitter as having reached its 1.0 version.

In a way, Bespoke is like if I smashed Ableton to bits with a baseball bat, and asked you to put it back together.

It looks to me like something that folks here would enjoy playing with!


ooo, this looks fun! Might add it to my pile of cool music software I need to check out :smiley:


I saw this and it looks so cool! I’m particularly interested in the inclusion of Python live coding into the environment. Got really into FoxDot (another Python live pding environment) a couple years ago but always wished it could integrate easier with other things.
I think I see a monome Grid in that trailer too!

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this looks really nice! thanks for sharing. definitely going to give it a spin :cowboy_hat_face:

I was about to post this. Definitely going to check it out. I feel like I was describing it without knowing about it in the VCV thread the other day.


i initially thought this was about the nonlinear daw that @colugo is making but, to my surprise, it’s another project

digging into this now!


Looks like it could fill a similar niche to Usine, without the price tag and licensing scheme that made me stop updating Usine years ago.

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thanks, will definitely try this!

I really want to use and love this. Unfortunately after the program crashing on me 4 times within 10 minutes, I’m going to sadly conclude that this isn’t quite ready for primetime. At least for my computer (but it’s a decent Windows laptop I bought a few months ago). Hope you all have better luck than I did, anyway.


Thank you for sharing this. I’m impressed by its feature list (vst support!) as well as its multi-platform availability. Seems like a labour of love! Looks quite accessible based on a quick go with a preset last night (not long enough to comment on stability).

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Passing on the help I received on the Discord:

With the program loopMIDI, install and create one loopmidi port
in ORCA set this port to output
in Bespoke use “midicontroller” block to set midi input channel
use the triangle in the top right of the block to bring up midi channel select

ORCA → Bespoke


The idea of showing signals on the virtual patch cables is clever, but in an admittedly very brief try I didn’t find anything else in the interface intuitive at all.

Also it seems like you can scale the size of the top bar but not the module view, or else the “zoom” setting just doesn’t work. And it’s tiny on my monitor and my eyes just didn’t want to deal with it long enough to puzzle things out.

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I also had some trouble with the ui, though i didn’t think it was too bad. Generally neat concept, the sequencers feel great to use. (for software lol)

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this is amazing, been using it all day and fell in love

Someone showed me a grid module built in for all us grid folks. Still haven’t had a chance to play with the program, but fingers crossed there’s an arc module too!


I am not sure if I understand it right - is it basically a simplified reinvention of MAX?

B. Jordann will talk about it tomorrow: Weeklystream37: Bespoke Synth - Open Source Modular Playground! - YouTube

No one else has experienced crashes, then? Wondering if I should give it another shot and try to troubleshoot.

i crash on osx when trying to use the scripts module hut thats it. has to do with python and its environment variable i think

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In the sense that it is a visual programming language for audio, I guess so. But I think it’s not too useful to say that every node-based visual language (what about PureData?) for audio is “simpler MAX” - especially when MAX is commercial and proprietary, as well as being limited to proprietary OSes only, meaning none of these systems can truly be based on it.


This looks interesting and fun ! The UI reminds me of my old Sensomusic Usine days somehow.
Total noob question : what are the chances of having it run on a raspberry someday ? I see a linux version but that doesn’t mean anything right ?
Anyway thanks for the info !

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