Best Arc Control for Live?

Hey all,

What’s the best app available for midi mapping parameters in live to an Arc 4? I’m just looking for the easiest ways to use my physical knobs to turn my digital ones.

i would use soren’s version of return

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I made a M4L device for this purpose some time ago:

Arc2M4Lpc_v1.amxd (2.1 MB)

still some small issues but works for me.


Do you know where I can find this version?

Ithikaa I just opened your app and its excellent, thank you very much for sharing it with me.

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yes sure
there’s the original by tehn and the soren edit

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I made this app for the Arc4 and Ableton awhile ago. Also includes modulation -

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Hi, this seems to be exactly what I’m looking (new to m4l). However, I can’t choose my arc. What are the system requirements? edit: I’m using Live 9.5 and Max 7 on Mac OS 10.11.2.

@plopp also did an arc M4L device some time ago. Maybe this works for you … (247.7 KB)

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Yes, that’s it!! I love you… :smiley:

Still loving this a lot! If you ever feel an urge to work even more on this patch… to way communication would be awesome: I use automation on clips to set correct state of each page when I launch a new scene. Could this be mirrored on the arc?

it can be done … will be a future project though

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@ithkaa: kudos for this. SO awesome. I’m a bit new to Live automation so I’m sure I won’t be asking this quite right, but I wonder if it’s possible to map this to clip parameters. For example sample transposition or detune?

All I see for options are device parameters:

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

@ppqq tx! I’m afraid this is not possible at this time.

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Ok, cool. Thanks for the quick reply! :beers:

Curious if you have any thoughts for work-arounds?

I found the CLIP PITCH device which looks tantalizing but no longer available… :cry:

As for modifying the patch itself, I’m curious, @ithkaa, for your gut on how insane that’d be.

Again thanks!

I guess i could do this for you, but not before next week or so.

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That’d be amazing and much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

So basically, Pitch, Fine Pitch and Gain, Right ?
Hardest challenge its to fit this nicely in the interface.

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Exactly right. I’m really after fine control of the detune parameter so I can record some subtle pitch change automation envelopes. Gain would be nice too.

Out of curiosity, is the gist of the implementation to change the chooser (behind the scenes M4L.chooser.js?) to point to a clip (or is it clipaudio) rather than device?

If it’s an easy hack, I’d be happy to run with a one-off that was missing a nice UI FWIW. For example, if I had a m4l device that ONLY automated clip params to complement @ithkaa’s version for devices, I’d be really happy.

EDIT: actually had a little luck changing the argument to the M4LChooser object to clipaudio @observe 1 and got clips to show up. Unfortunately, I don’t think parameter is right for the clip params as I don’t see anything when I try and list them. Looking at M4L.chooser.js I see:

parameter : { fun: iterate_parameters_for_id, name: "Parameter", container: ["parameters", "mixer_device\\s+\\S+"] },

which at a quick read feels specific to device parameters… Not sure what the right clipaudio container is though. :thinking:

I guess a solution could be to have the device spit out CCs instead of working with Live’s API. Then you could simply MIDI map those parameters. Would take some internal MIDI routing …

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