Best Arc Control for Live?

I hope i didn’t write to quick that i could do it. I’m totally unable to do javascript. But i’ll take a try for sure !

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@chapelierfou: No worries and really thanks for your interest.

Before you dig in though, I’ve had a sort of embarrassing realization. The reason I would like this feature is because I’d like to record some automation envelopes where I’m using the arc to detune a clip sample (and get a Transpose envelope as a result). However, it looks to me like you can’t record automation of clip sample parameters at all? I assumed you could but haven’t been able to. (I can draw envelopes using breakpoints in the Envelopes Box in the Clip View but can’t seem to record interactions with the detune or transpose controls.)

It seems like this just may not be possible? :confused:

This is a great idea. Probably not a way to solve the problem as I posed it since I don’t think even MIDI can be mapped to control of sample detune (happy to be wrong about that though!) but it would be great for another approach where I capture detune info in a midi stream as pitch bend messages. Maybe a variation on knobs, updated to not require push buttons? Otherwise, it’d be really neat if your patch could optionally map to midi CCs. That would make it super flexible. (And the UX is really great BTW!) @chapelierfou: if you’re looking to play with this patch, maybe that’s a more fruitful angle? (No pressure obviously!)

Thanks a million to you both for the ideas so far and in advance for any more!

@ppqq updated device in attachment. in order to make this work you have to:

  • create an IAC driver
  • activate ‘track’ and ‘remote’ in Ableton’s MIDI settings for both the input and output of the IAC driver
  • put the device on a MIDI track
  • select the IAC driver you created as ‘MIDI To’ for the track on which the device resides
  • open midi map mode
  • select parameter
  • turn a knob on the arc
  • close midi map mode
    -> you should be able to control the parameter with your arc

I added toggle and momentary function to the push-simulation. see info on how to set it up.

Let me know how it works for you

ArcM4L_AMT.amxd (1.5 MB)


Amazing. Thank you! Totally does the trick. Much appreciated!

Here’s hoping this comes in handy for others too. :thumbsup: