Best / Most economical 'stored voltages' tool?

Hi Lovely llllllines folks.

I currently have a 0-ctrl, which is a lovely and inspiring device. However, I find myself using it 90% for selecting arbitrary stored voltages (in a non-sequential way).

Having just leaned into buying a Metropolix, I can see how they would work together very well in all sorts of off-grid applications, but I still feel my usage would be 90% stored voltages.

Is anyone aware of some other more purpose-built means of selecting stored CV voltages that doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of 0-ctrl which are currently going unloved? Ideally it’d be something with its own enclosure. Even something DAW-led is fine as I generally work with a hybrid setup via ES.

There’s the Polyend Preset and Livestock Electronics Ellis that very specifically look at “preset voltages” of some kind. I’m hesitant to recommend the Polyend Preset after having made very bad experiences with Polyend modules in the past in terms of firmware but YMMV.

There’s also the Dnipro Metamorph and modules like Make Noise Pressure Points or any other smaller TKB-like modules.


I have used the intellijel tetrapad for this. Combined with the tete you can save presets too of stored voltages. Of course this does a lot more than stored voltages so 90% you may not use.

Most economical has to be the korg SQ1! Pressing a step with the seqeuncer transport stopped will output the voltage for the step in step jump mode.


ahhhhh SQ1 might be the business. This might be the fastest thread resolution ever :slight_smile:

The euro options look very tempting (partiularly the Metamorph), but I’m truly out of space for now! I had to give up my Belgrad to make room for the Metropolix :confused:

However, out of curiosity - are you using Tete with Tetrapad? Also - do you think the touch surface is wearing well after time? I had one awhile back, and just couldn’t get on with it sans screen.

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I own a Livestock Ellis and I don’t know if I would recommend it as well as the UI isn’t the best and makes programming it a not very smooth process. If you can overcome this it works ok and responds very fast to incoming CV.

Seconding the SQ1, it’s perfect for that application and useful for a number of other things, as well!


Very highly recommend the sq-1 as well. I love being able to keep it in a drawer and pull it out when something needs an extra row or two of sequencing.

I can also recommend the sound machines light strips. I think those are only 4 hp. Haven’t tried them specifically but the light plane, which I had for a while, did what it said it would. I ended up replacing that with pressure points, which I replaced with 0-ctrl, which I supplement with Sq-1.


Yall are the best, thanks! :hot_pepper:

Yeh I do use the tete and it really opened up the power of the tetrapad. Just having a screen so you have feedback on LFO shapes and output voltages is really useful. Having noticed any wear on my pads (yet!)

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Meng qi voltage memory can be found in standalone format

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Teletype is pretty great for this, especially with a grid!


SQ-1 can also be used as a two channel midi to cv/gate converter if you’re sequencing from a computer.

And if you have two of them, they can do a kind of quasi-clock division/multiplication thing by setting them to different sequence step resolution in the global parameter settings !

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