Best place to buy case power, in Canada or to ship to Canada

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here and I’m very new to the modular community. I’m hoping to start assembling a case and system, and would preferably like to build my own case out of wood/plywood, then install power.

I was thinking about trying Synthrotek for my components, but then I stumbled across some stuff about what the owner had posted online a few months ago and I think I’d rather not support that company.

Can anyone recommend any other companies from which I could order a case power system? I live in Ontario, Canada. I’m aware that Doepfer sells systems as well, but my closest distributor is a couple hours’ drive away in Montreal, so ordering one would be ideal, as much as I’d like to order from a local shop.

Thank you very much!

Art For The Ears makes amazing cases and power. He’s a small one person operation near Orangeville ON. I’ve used his power supply for the last couple of years and it’s been fantastic.

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Regarding Synthrotek, Moog Audio is discounting their last (and apparently final) order from that company, so you won’t be supporting anything but a good local vendor by buying it up at this point. They have a store in Toronto, and one in Montreal and will transfer stock for you with a prepayment. They’d bought the stuff before he did whatever he did, and now they’re stuck with it, so I can’t see how it would be an ethical conundrum to take it off their hands.

Not local, but there’s a hefty discount on most of it at least…

Thanks for that! I had no idea they existed, and their stuff looks beautiful. The skiffs look exactly like what I want to make. That may be a very good option. Cheers. :smile:

Good idea. I’ll definitely check with Moog as I’ll be in Toronto fairly soon. I think they also deliver, based on their website. Thanks very much!

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