Best representative threads


hey all. so it’s about time the intro/welcome/sticky thread is updated, with a sort of “best-of” links.

here’s what i’m going to edit/combine:

please post thread links! help me find those buried resources.

Composition category?

I’d suggest including the Pictures thread:








And maybe we can make a general thread about the LCRP’s?


i’m glad i can read that paragraph again. a good reminder.


I like this one very much as it gives a good impression of the cultural sphere the forum is embedded in and is so inspiring:


The two that come to my mind are:

  1. > teletype : code exchange

  2. On exercises, practicing, and rehearsing

The Teletype code exchange seems useful as a place to discuss how we’re all finding our way with such open ended and powerful hardware. Excited for the next batch so I can get one for myself. :slight_smile:

The latter thread seems to address the more philosophical issue of how we approach creating things, structure our work, and self-assess our progress.


I’ll go for the recursive option: Best representative threads

It’s a great thread full of useful links.


I like this one also


I love every thread unconditionally.



ok. so i just enabled tagging, but i’m going to use it exclusively for “best of” identification.

feel free to continue nominating threads at any time, i’ll get them in the list.

Composition category?

okay, i’m calling you out. This is so clever i’d almost call it… tricky


so cool :slight_smile: